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   Chapter 1775 An Abnormal Phenomenon

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"You. Where have you been?" Zen was dumbstruck.

The two of them were at the Spirit Supreme Realm, and they were both Godly Geniuses. Even Spirit Transformation Realm warriors were no match for them. No one in the Central Region could have been able to do anything to them.

Lawson let out a cold snort, resignedly sitting down, legs crossed to recuperate. If it was any other martial artist who had suffered such an injury, that would be the end of things. But these Godly Geniuses often carried around holy pills with them.

Nathan told Zen the story. "What kind of damned place is this great world? The further north we went, the stronger the storm was. We could've died inside."

"I guess they don't call it the Chaotic Ocean of Stars for nothing." The root cause of their injuries started to come to Zen.

Since ancient times, there had been an extremely strong storm in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars but Zen had never known the cause of it. All he knew was that the storm was dangerous so he had never dared to approach the core of the storm. Even now, he was afraid that he would not be able to weather it.

The two of them had been so faithful in their own powers and strength and upon seeing such a wondrous scene in the Lower World, they could not help but venture in to explore.

They couldn't have imagined that the further in they went, the more terrifying the wind blades would become. Some wind blades even contained the eighth or ninth layer of the Wind Law. It was equivalent to a full force attack from a world lord. How could these two withstand it?

Lawson had even used a defensive treasure passed down to him by the Lie Clan so he could escape. He lamented that he had used such a great treasure, only to leave with such wounds all over his body.

Over the past few days, many people in the Central Region had asked to visit Zen.

There had been people from the World Commercial Alliance, the Ethereal Spirit Sect and even many from the Cloud Hall, but Zen refused them all.

He hadn't wanted to meet with anyone till he knew Letitia was back safely.

On the fourteenth day, there was still no signs of Letitia ever coming back to the great world.

The fifteenth day seemed like any other.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed since Zen returned to the Cloud Hall to wait for Letitia to return.

He was getting more and more

ng before he saw through to the crux of the matter.

The man at the helm of the army was unfathomably powerful and he had brought a sea of warriors of the Soul Sea Realm with him.

So the only question remained: who was chasing them?

If he and his people got involved, not only the York Divine Kingdom but the entire Divine Kingdom Continent and even the entire great world would be in for a ride of misfortune.

"Who thought this could be a good omen?"

As Brennan Liu reprimanded angrily, the civil and military officials who had gathered for the enthronement ceremony completely silenced.

Brennan Liu tossed aside the golden crown on his head and flew towards the sky. He knew that if he did not succeed in handling this situation, he wouldn't be able to keep his life, no less, his throne. Besides, he had never taken the throne seriously. He had already reached the sixth level of the Life and Death Realm and he would soon break through to the Soul Sea Realm. Then, he would ascend to the Upper World like his father and grandfather had done before him. This was just how it was, the rulers of the four divine kingdoms succeeding each other as each generation was ready. After the ascending passageway was repaired, the rulers of the four divine kingdoms had changed very frequently.

True, the ruler of a divine kingdom probably had not changed for a few thousand years in the past. But now they could ascend to the Upper World and many emperors had chosen to abandon their kingdoms and soar into the Upper World less than two years after they took their thrones.

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