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   Chapter 1774 Injury

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The blazing white light appeared, and the power of the Space Law enveloped them both. Geoffrey shut his eyes tight and when he opened them again, he could only see a trace of a blazing white light around him. The power of the Space Law had already started to dissipate.

Zen and Geoffrey had already penetrated the enchanted barrier by now.

"My master has told me that the Light of Water is so powerful that even someone who is proficient in the Space Law can't penetrate it!" Geoffrey recited.

"Master? Which master?" Zen asked, curious.

"My master's surname is Zong," Geoffrey replied.

Zen immediately knew the 'master' Geoffrey was referring to. It was Felix, the chief rune expert of the Cloud Hall.

Zen hadn't expected Felix to be the one to have imparted the divine texture skill to Geoffrey.

"Wow! So high! So high!"

Zen flew higher and higher, leaving the clouds far below. They looked like white sea water, rolling slowly beneath him. Geoffrey cried out excitedly, completely forgetting about how terrifying Zen was.

"Father, if we keep flying like this, can we reach the Upper World?" Geoffrey asked suddenly.

Zen thought for a moment, and then replied with a slow smile taking its place on his face, "Sure."

If one could withstand the ravages of the strong gales, they actually could go all the way up into the universe.

"Grandma said that mother has gone to the Upper World. If we keep flying like this, will we be able to find my mother?" Geoffrey asked again.

This child's thoughts!

Zen smiled faintly. If they didn't go through the ascending passageway and ascended through the space of the universe, it would take a lot of time for an ordinary Soul Sea Realm warrior to reach the nearest supreme world.

But whatever it was, the little guy was still too young and Zen would obviously not explain all of this to him. He only smiled and said, "Your mother will come back."

"When will mother be back?" Geoffrey asked, his eyes lighting up.

Zen stared into the distance, to the end of the sea of clouds, and then answered firmly, "It shouldn't be too long. You will definitely meet her in half a month."

Zen hoped that Letitia would not encounter something bad or stray into dangerous areas

t basic answer. Why would the divine land appear from the chaos? When did the various Holy Beings in the divine land develop a sense of competition?

What kind of an achievement would it be once one had reached the peak of martial arts?

Zen would eventually find the answer, but he couldn't answer Geoffrey's question right now.

So he answered Geoffrey honestly, "I don't know either."

Geoffrey was curious. He thought Zen to be an omnipotent warrior. He hadn't thought that there was something his father didn't know.

"I'll tell you when I find out," Geoffrey said seriously, blinking.

At Geoffrey's words, Zen suddenly laughed. "Finding the answer to this question is not an easy task," he said, chuckling.

"I'm not afraid of difficulties," Geoffrey said, still very serious.

Geoffrey had such ambitions at such a young age, which pleased Zen. Geoffrey probably hadn't even understood what he was really looking for. But with this determination, many difficult things would become very easy for him.

Days passed in the blink of an eye.

On the twelfth day, Zen still hadn't detected any fluctuations in the great world.

But he hadn't expected Lawson and Nathan to cause trouble.

The two of them had gone to the Central Region, and had been injured when they returned.

Lawson had sustained serious injuries, his body covered in thin cuts. It looked like he had been wounded by a sharp weapon.

Nathan was also injured and looked to be in a very sorry state.

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