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   Chapter 1773 The Father-son Talk

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For the past few days, Zen had been sitting cross-legged in the Ice Palace with his eyes closed in rapt attention as he monitored the movements of the entire great world minutely.

Even after Zen had ascended to the Upper World, he still had a mysterious connection to this great world. It was just that he was unable to transfer power to the great world.

On his return, he once again linked to the will of the great world, only to discover that there was a change in this will.

The entire great world was rhombus-shaped. If one were to look down at it from a high vantage point, they would see that it looked like a scale of a vicious beast. However, this time, he noticed something strange in it. It seemed that there was an opening on the edge of the great world.

As for the will of the great world, even Zen himself wasn't sure what it was exactly.

The will of a martial artist was determined by their mental state when they reached a certain goal. Under normal circumstances, that state would be manifested through words and actions.

But for the great world, words did not exist. Otherwise, when Zen connected to the will of the great world, it would be able to communicate with him.

And as for actions, the only action of the great world was that when Zen was on the Divine Kingdom Continent, the great world formed an incarnation, hoping to use it to make up for the ascending passageway.

The result, however, was the complete opposite. The will of the great world had been swallowed up by Zen, and the Upper World's martial artists had been the ones to repair the ascending passageway.

From then on, the will of the great world did not have any actions; it could only help Zen transfer power that hit him.

But this time when he returned to the Lower World, Zen detected a hint of movement.

He didn't know if the barrier of the great world broke by itself, or if there had been a sudden and unexpected issue.

The will of the great world had actually entered into the neighboring great world. However, the will that entered the neighboring great world was not widespread. Zen could only sense a small area of the vast sea, and there were some common beasts in the sea.

He had never been to any other great world, but he imagined that it would be about the sa

m, so he quickly turned around to leave. However, when he looked back, he found that his father was already standing behind him with a kind smile on his face.

Although Zen had a smile on his face, the boy still appeared timid.

"Geoffrey," Zen called out to him softly.

"Hmm?" Geoffrey subconsciously replied. His eyes darted around with uncertainty as he said, "Dad?"

Zen reached out and held Geoffrey in his arms.

His mind was flooded with memories of Geoffrey's childhood. If he wanted to, he could find out what had happened in this great world with the help of the world's will.

However, this memory belonged to the great world and not to Zen. This strange feeling between him and his son could not be ignored.

When he heard Geoffrey call him "Dad," a peculiar feeling filled his heart. He grabbed the little boy and said, "I'll take you out!"

He lovingly placed Geoffrey on his neck, and with a sudden flash, he flew into the sky.

Although all the warriors in the Cloud Hall took great care of Geoffrey, none of them were his father. At this moment, Geoffrey sensed a completely different feeling, one that he had never had before.

"Ha-ha!" He laughed gleefully.

Zen soared across the air and they quickly closed in on the enchanted barrier above the Cloud Hall.

"We're about to collide!"

Geoffrey shrieked. He was very familiar with this enchanted barrier. This one looked like a layer of water, but it would be bad to collide with the barrier.

"Close your eyes," Zen instructed.

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