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   Chapter 1772 Geoffrey

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Zen was pretty sure the boy was his son. He could very clearly see that the boy's features matched his own more than those of Letitia.

The boy was very proficient in dealing with divine features. Nevertheless, Zen still felt that the divine features should have been created by someone else rather than by the boy himself.

"You're still young, yet so unruly!" exclaimed Zen angrily.


Zen flicked the air with his fingers and shattered the two divine texture tokens that the boy was holding in this hands.

The boy looked in disbelief at the shattered divine texture tokens in his hands. He pursed his lips to control his emotions, but could not hold it any longer and burst into tears.

He was born and brought up in Cloud Hall by Letitia, who dearly loved and cared for the boy. Imogen also accompanied him every day, which was how he developed such a strong personality.

His not-so-decent reputation was known throughout Cloud Hall. People wondered if there was anyone who would dare to discipline him. Because of this, people were wary of approaching him.

"How dare anybody bully my Geoffrey!"

hollered Imogen as she appeared on the other side holding a walking stick.

Earlier when Zen announced his arrival at the Cloud Hall, Imogen had already been informed. Hearing Geoffrey crying miserably, she rushed to him, furious that anyone could put her boy in such a state.

Imogen's heart was torn.

Zen's return to Cloud Hall was a joyous occasion to celebrate, but Geoffrey's pitiful state was above everything else now.

Imogen's lifespan could be considered extremely long among the warriors in the Central Region. After so many years, all her relatives had finally reached their graves, and the only one she was closest to was Letitia.

Later on, when Letitia became pregnant and gave birth to Geoffrey, Imogen took care of him like her own grandchild.

Imogen took great care of Letitia when she became pregnant, feeding her with rare and precious herbs and fruits. Soon after Geoffrey was born, Imogen poured the natural energy into his body. She had bathed him with water from the Dragon Saliva Spring till he turned a year old. It was considered to be lucky if a martial artist could drink water from the Dragon Saliva Spring. But Imogen used the water only to bathe Geoffrey.

Imogen did not consider Geoff

asked me where your father was. I told you he was the superhero of the Central Region and he would come to you. Now, it seems that he doesn't care for you and your poor mother after all. It is best now you forget him."

Saying this, she carried Geoffrey and walked away.

Geoffrey was already afraid of Margaret's aura. Now after hearing Imogen, he understood that the man he hated was his father.

He managed to stick his small head out from Imogen's shoulder and stole a glance at Zen.

Nathan and Lawson laughed out loud. Although the ten of them were destined to deal with the crisis of the universe and watch each other's back, secretly they were happy to see Zen getting humiliated in front of everybody.

After an awkward silence, Rocher said, "Zen, don't worry. Master Yu is just worried about Letitia. It will take her around ten days to fly down the ascending passageway. When the time comes, we'll go find her together."

"There is no need to go looking for her," Zen said. "I will immediately know it if she returns to this great world."

Zen had every faith on the will of the great world and could detect everything that happened in this world. What really troubled him was his son's poor personality.

In the meantime, arrangements were done for everyone to stay in Cloud Hall for the time being.

Soon the news spread about Zen's return to the Cloud Hall.

Many warriors within the Central Region thronged to meet him. But Zen had no mood to see any of them. He realized that his stay in the Lower World was not going to be so easy.

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