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   Chapter 1771 Zen's Son

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After all these years of training, Frank was able to control his mind and stabilize it. It was as calm as the sea. He also knew that the rebellion led by his father had almost ruined the entire Zhuo Clan.

He didn't know whether he still hated Zen or not; all he knew was that he was like a tiny worm in front of Zen. Therefore, he wasn't angry at all when he saw Zen again. Instead, he was quite shocked.

"Zen?" Frank stood there in a daze.

When the Zhuo Clan warriors behind him heard this, they were also equally stunned.

Only then did others recognize Zen.

"It's really him!"

"He's actually back."

"Zen is back!"

Zen was not from Cloudy City, but this did not prevent him from becoming the hero of the city. Warriors of the city not only worshiped him, but also showed him off to outsiders.

At first, everyone was a little nervous. This group of mighty warriors could easily destroy the Cloudy City. So how could they dare to speak carelessly?

However, they weren't as nervous after hearing Zen's name. After all, he used to be a member of Cloud Hall.

Zen looked at Frank with indifference. Since the entire Zhuo Clan had received their due punishment for their rebellion, he wouldn't care about this matter anymore. He nodded to Frank casually and said, "Let's go to the Cloud Hall."

"I'll lead the way," said Frank immediately. He had also seen Margaret in the crowd. After he saw Rocher, his heart was filled with shock once again.

He was not acquainted with Margaret. After all, when she entered the Cloud Hall, she stayed by Zen's side throughout and rarely went out. But he was quite familiar with Rocher and was aware that he had received a great deal of attention from the Cloud Hall. But how did his cultivation reach such a level?

He couldn't even figure out what level Rocher's cultivation was at because Rocher was now much stronger than him.

He was confused, but he did not shoot his mouth off. In the end, he came to a conclusion that this was not an ordinary group of people.

"Ha-ha! Is this where you used to live, Zen?" After controlling for a long time, Lawson finally couldn't hold it in anymore.

He and Nathan had come to this great world to accompany Lucille and join in on the fun.

The a

all. With a flick of his finger, the flames within the divine texture swirled towards the house like dragons made of fire. He was extremely skilled at manipulating the fire.

With a frown, Zen floated over and hissed in a low voice, "Stop!"

When the boy heard Zen's voice, he turned around. A trace of wickedness flashed across his clear eyes. The divine texture in his hand rolled towards Zen.


A long flaming dragon charged towards Zen, engulfing him within itself. The boy laughed fiendishly. "I'll turn you into a roast chicken!"

However, when the flames dissipated, the boy was stunned. The scene he had envisioned did not happen. The person in front of him was completely unharmed.

The power of this divine texture was unbelievable. Once it was activated with life vitality crystals, even a Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artist would be unable to withstand it. This was the first time the boy had experienced such a pushback.

"What's your name?" Zen asked as he glared at the boy.

The boy blinked and smirked. His slender fingers had already locked onto another divine texture. "What's it to you!?" he spat.

"Is your... surname Luo?" Zen asked again.

The boy smiled triumphantly. "Yes!"

As his voice faded, he took advantage of the opportunity to flip another divine texture token. A bolt of lightning shot out from it.

On the other hand, Zen raised his head and waved his hand. The powerful bolt of lightning split apart, and his expression turned sour.

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