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   Chapter 1770 The Cloudy City

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"It's not that the life vitality is mild here. We barely detect it as there is so little," Lawson observed indifferently.

Although the life vitality in the Upper World was definitely more violent, it was also more concentrated than in the Lower World. This was the Godly Geniuses' first time to descend to the Lower World, and it made them feel a bit out of their element.

Fortunately, they all brought enough life vitality jades with them. It wouldn't affect them much even if the life vitality here was insufficient.

On the other hand, Nathan's expression was a little gloomy. He and Lawson only came to the Lower World because Lucille went along with Zen. He didn't think that their presence here was necessary.

They had flown over the sea for an entire day and night, and had encountered a few vicious beasts along the way.

But when these vicious beasts felt the powerful auras of these people, they sank back into the sea and stayed hidden.

Lawson and Nathan had nothing interesting to do during their travel. They had casually caught and killed some of the ferocious beasts they encountered, and caused a huge commotion.

As the sun rose on the second day, a white line appeared on the horizon in front of Zen. The white line steadily increased in size as they flew closer. It was a snowy mountain standing on the surface of the sea.

Seeing the snow-capped mountain, Zen couldn't help but smile. He recognized the mountain, and knew that it was located in the west of the Central Region. They had already reached their destination.

After crossing the boundary of the snowy mountain, they didn't even pause for rest. They continued to travel east until they reached the first city, the Mysterious City.

This city was built by the Mysterious Luna Hall. Although the power of the Mysterious Luna Hall was not as great as it had been before, there was still a spatial passageway in the city.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zen's group quickly descended from the sky and landed in front of the spatial passageway.

The guards at the entrance to the spatial passageway did not know what to do upon seeing the warriors.

They didn't know where these people came from. To their intense surprise, each of these warriors radiated a strong aura, and their cultivation levels were immeasurable.

Fortunately for them, these people did not seem to have any intention of enmity. They even made an effort to conceal their auras. Otherwise, these guards would have fainted on the spot from sheer terror.



Having learned from the mistakes of the past few years, the leader did his best to hold back his emotions. "Is it Master Luo who has returned?" he asked in a trembling voice.

He was uncertain of how to address Zen. It was a conditioned reflex of his to add the word "Master" to his surname, and he knew he could never go wrong.

"Master Luo?"

"What Master Luo?"

"Who is this person?"

The other guards were puzzled, not realizing who their leader was referring to.

Zen had been gone for around seven years. In the eyes of the people in the Central Region, he was already a legendary figure. It was hard for them to believe that he had returned.

Right then, several other figures emerged from another spatial passageway.

They were members of the Zhuo Clan in Cloudy City, and the one leading the group was none other than Frank.

After many years of hard work, he had finally overcome the bottleneck and stepped into the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors had the capability to hold the position of elders in the past Cloud Hall.

However, the current Cloud Hall was already considered as a sacred place, so naturally, the requirements for each position would increase at the same time. After the number of Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists increased in number, Frank did not qualify for the elder position anymore.

This time, he had just returned from completing a mission at the Ethereal Spirit Sect. The moment he stepped out of the spatial passageway, he felt a terrifying aura.

After he saw the appearance of the person in the lead, Frank's expression drastically changed. It was his father's killer—Zen.

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