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   Chapter 1769 Return To The Lower World

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Zen couldn't wait to set off. He had the memories of the great world, so he would immediately know the exact moment Letitia returned. The only thing he wanted to do at that moment was to rush to the great world and wait for Letitia to descend.

Warriors in the Upper World could only pass through the ascending passageways to go to the great worlds.

Since Letitia's life was still in danger, Zen did not accept any of Master Feng's transportation options. He wanted to teleport directly to the great world by activating the Teleportation Token.

"Zen, I'll go with you." Rocher followed behind him.

Naturally, Margaret wanted to go with Zen. Finally, after much deliberation, Xenia, Lone and Lucille also decided to descend to the Lower World with them.

Nathan and Lawson both seemed indifferent, but in the end, they also agreed to go together with the others.

"All of you..."

Master Feng was about to announce an extremely important matter for the future of the ten Godly Geniuses. He had sacrificed a great deal in order to give them the opportunity.

However, even before he could utter a single word, Zen used the Roaring Token to speak, interrupting him. Furthermore, the group of warriors all wanted to leave together with Zen.

As the leader of the Celestial Position as well as being one of the most powerful Supreme Lords in the universe, Master Feng couldn't help but feel dejected. He suddenly realized how fast the world had changed.

These warriors were still too young. They knew the fate they faced, but they didn't seem to realize the gravity of it.

Sometimes, Master Feng wondered if he was too lenient in their training.

Their elders had already entrusted their care and their training to the Celestial Position, so he needed to speak a piece of his mind and criticize them. He needed them to understand the current situation.

But before he could say anything, an ethereal voice spoke into his mind.

"Let them go. This is also part of their training."

When Master Feng heard this voice, he surprisingly recognized it. "Have you woken up a bit early?"

"We can delay the plan to send them to the training land. The enemies wouldn't be able to break through the Signing Wall that quickly. At the moment, the sorcerer race members would only be able to activate the troublesome thin

e sea.

The moment Zen had entered the great world, he already felt the connection with this world. It was the embodiment of the will of the plane, which gave Zen a strange sense of security. In this plane, Zen could transfer all the damage he had incurred into the great world. Unless this great world was destroyed, he would be immortal and indestructible.

Letitia hadn't emerged from the ascending passageway, and descending into the great world through the ascending passageway was a relatively slow process.

In the past, Zen had taken half a month to ascend to the Upper World. But now he returned to the great world in advance to wait for Letitia to come back... The universe was going to suffer a cataclysm soon. Zen had already laid out a plan of his own. Before the crisis happened, he would take all his loved ones to live in the fairy palace. That was the only place where he could guarantee their safety.

After he got his bearings, Zen figured out his own location. He was located at the west part of the great world. If he continued to head west, he would reach the wall of the great world. To the east lay the Central Region.

Zen wasn't sure where Letitia would land, so he could only settle down first. He used his will to monitor the entire plane and waited for Letitia to show up...

"This way," Zen flew towards the east as he led the group.

The Godly Geniuses followed closely behind him...

"The life vitality in this place seems to be too placid," Lucille said as she observed her surroundings during her flight.

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