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   Chapter 1768 Finally Found Letitia

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Zen frowned. He had already waited for a really long time but there was still no response from Letitia.

"Zen, has Master Ning ascended as well?" Rocher asked. He had ascended before her so he naturally did not know what happened in the Central Region after his departure.

"Yes, I'm sure she has ascended…"

"Heaven rewards the good. Master Ning is a good person. Moreover, the sorcerer race does not have the strength to challenge the Humanity Alliance. She'll be fine…" Rocher said in an attempt to console him, though he had no idea why Zen was so sure that Letitia had also ascended.

"Yes! Letitia will be okay!" Margaret followed, also trying to ease his worries. At this moment, she didn't dare to say anything that would annoy him.

The others were quick to understand that this Letitia was an extremely important person to him.

Zen thought for a moment before turning to Master Feng. "I need to go and find someone."

Master Feng was just about to make some arrangements for them but it seemed Zen was in no way willing to participate.

The old man also noticed the worry in his eyes. "You are going to look for the girl named Letitia?"

Zen nodded. "Yes. I'm sorry but she's my wife."

Margaret couldn't help but feel a pang of hurt when she heard Zen refer to Letitia as his "wife." Although she referred to Zen as her husband, she was not officially married to him…

"Does she have any unique features?" Master Feng inquired.

The Supreme Lords in this universe possessed extremely powerful calculation abilities.

However, they were not necessarily omnipotent.

There were only 128 Crowns of Destiny. When a Crown of Destiny appeared in the universe, there was a high probability for Supreme Lords to perceive its location because of its uniqueness. That was the reason why so many of them swarmed towards Zen when he activated a Crown of Destiny back then.

A Supreme Lord could locate the whereabouts of any warrior using their calculations but this would be extremely hard without any knowledge of the characteristics and important identifiers of the person being sought.

There were too many living creatures in this universe after all.

Master Feng's willingness to help ignited the hope in Zen's heart.

"She is an ascended warrior from the Lower World and she may have arrived not long ago…" Before entering the Illusion Battlefield, Zen took the liberty of going through

nce. But…" Master Feng paused. Zen planned to use the Teleportation Token to instantly travel to where she was but he waited until Master Feng finished what he had to say.

"It seems she is planning to go back to the Lower World soon to take refuge there."

Zen's eyes flashed. "Go back to the great world?"

Rocher's eyes brightened. "This is indeed a good idea!"

Now knowing where Letitia was, Zen finally felt slightly at ease.

It was fortunate for him that both Xenia and Master Feng were willing to help him.

Zen was already quite dissatisfied with the Celestial Position though he knew that the race had no intention of harming him. They just tried their best to hide vital information away from him.

"Something's not right. There seems to be something following them into the ascending passageway," Master Feng continued. "Why is the sorcerer race chasing after these people..."

His words caused Zen's heart to beat nervously. "Can you calculate which great world they're heading to?"

He had already seen the entirety of the universe through the use of his Teleportation Token. He knew for a fact that the ascending passageways of each supreme world were connected to many great worlds below and he needed to know their position before he could set off.

Master Feng nodded and immediately resumed his calculations. After a few moments, he was able to come up with the conclusion that Letitia was going to be returning to the great world she originally came from.

However, it would take over ten days to travel in the ascending passageway before they could reach the Lower World.

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