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   Chapter 1767 Where Are You

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"We must get out of here!"

"Let's go!"

"Let's dig a tunnel to the ground!"

These warriors at the Soul Sea Realm, the Spirit Supreme Realm, and the Spirit Transformation Realm all scrambled to run. While they might not be able to fight against the grand sorcerers, they could still escape. Nonetheless, such a path might even be more dangerous.

"Let me lead the way!" Preston said.

His primary mission was to protect Letitia, but as an elder of the sacred place, he believed it was his obligation to take the lead at the moment.

He summoned some life vitality and turned it into a spiral which spun quickly, and then dashed toward a corner of the underground palace. His Space Law power shattered the palace walls with a loud crash, and a hole about the size of a man appeared in front of them.

"Follow me," ordered Preston as he led the group and dashed into the hole.

Meanwhile, Letitia glanced at Preston's bleeding shoulders with gritted teeth, and then followed suit.

She had been rained with bad luck ever since she had ascended into the Upper World. Thus, she had no choice but to follow Preston at the moment and see what would be out there for her.

Preston himself tried hard to endure the biting of the skulls on his back as he dug his way forward, with Letitia and the other core disciples of the Pure Jade Sacred Place close behind him.

After a long time of digging forward, Preston dug upward and finally reached the ground. His eyes first scanned the surroundings, and then he dashed toward a specific direction.

"Let's head for the supreme world channel!" he exclaimed.

"But where should we go through the supreme world channel?" someone asked. When Preston heard the question, he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

To be honest, he hadn't thought about that. It seemed that there was no safe escape. The sorcerer race might have invaded the nearby Cyan Lotus Sacred Place as well. Where else could they run to?

Meanwhile, black lightning bolts continued to flash in the sky. 'Is the sorcerer race going to occupy the entire Pure Jade Sacred Place?' he wondered. However, that was almost impossible. The ancient sorcerer race wasn't strong enough to occupy the place forever. They weren't powerful enough to fight the Supreme Lords, and the Humanity Alliance had more than ten thousand world lords. If they joined forces, the sorcerer race wouldn't stand a chance.

Once the Supreme Lords came, the sorcerer race would have no choice but to escape. They wouldn't have a chance against the

Token, and his voice reverberated throughout the entire universe.

"Letitia! Where are you?"

He felt his heart sink with regret. He should have looked for her earlier.

Ever since he had ascended to the Upper World, the entire universe had been quite peaceful. No one could've imagined that the world would be suddenly plunged into chaos when the Illusion Battlefield had closed.

Now, Zen knew that it was almost impossible to receive a response from Letitia, but he didn't know how else to contact her.

Meanwhile, Letitia had actually heard Zen's call.

At that moment, Preston led Letitia through the supreme world channel. He and the other warriors from the Pure Jade Sacred Place also heard Zen's voice.

"It's Zen!" Letitia exclaimed in shock.

Even amidst the danger, she was naturally excited to hear her husband's voice.

"But we can't respond to him. Let's continue on our way," Preston said. He couldn't help but sigh deeply. They had no way to communicate with Zen.

If they had known earlier that such a thing would happen, the Saint Lord would have given Letitia a Roaring Token. While Roaring Tokens were rare and precious, they could help them bring reinforcements faster.

The Humanity Alliance had only sent Supreme Lord of Oracle to the Celestial Position race, while the other Supreme Lords such as Supreme Lord Healum and Supreme Lord Illusion had remained in the Alliance.

However, the sorcerer race had an advantage when they simultaneously attacked many places. Thus, the reinforcements for the Pure Jade Sacred Place might be delayed.

The situation left them no other choice but to follow their plan and try to descend to the Lower World.

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