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   Chapter 1766 The Sorcerer Race's Purpose

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Thousands of core disciples swarmed into the palace.

As they arrived, more and more magnificent divine textures appeared over the palace, forming a cross-shaped shield. This was the biggest divine texture array of the Pure Jade Sacred Place.

"Boom, boom..."

Several bolts of black lightning appeared from the sky and dozens of skulls rained down, as countless black shadows dashed towards the underground palace.

At that moment, two slender and long energy tentacles stretched out from the divine texture array.

These two energy tentacles held extremely terrible power. Hundreds of members of the sorcerer race were quickly eliminated with just one sweep! As they died, multiple skulls appeared and began to bite at the divine texture array.

These small skulls were the sorcerer race's curse and were very special. Zen already encountered them back in the Illusion Battlefield. These skulls were very persistent and did not let go of him until they were forced to disappear once he entered the second stage of the competition.

The two slender tentacles also swept these skulls away but they only came back a few minutes later to continue biting away at the divine texture array.

Back in the underground palace, all the core disciples looked pale.

Most of them had taken part in the Illusion Battlefield. They were now in the real world and if they died during this siege, they died for real.

Preston leaned on the side of a huge column as several small skulls continued biting away at his protective life vitality.

"Are you all right?" Letitia asked.

Preston shook his head. "Crack!" He had taken out a life vitality jade and broke it, quickly absorbing the life vitality within.

The small skulls continually consumed Preston's protective life vitality and it was only a matter of time before they got through to his flesh and blood.

Preston's life vitality jades weren't enough to offset the amount he consumed, or rather, the amount these small skulls consumed.

A gush of blood streamed down his back as the small skulls chewed on his fle

rusted the protection the underground palace provided.

However, if these small skulls turned on them, then this sanctuary would quickly turn into a slaughterhouse!

Letitia also paled. She did not come here to end up getting devoured by these small skulls!

"Master Preston, do you have a Roaring Token?" Letitia asked.

Preston was stunned at her question but immediately understood what she was trying to do. She was no doubt going to call Zen out for help.

This was indeed a good course of action. With Zen's current identity, he would definitely have powerful warriors surrounding him. If he came here, then the Pure Jade Sacred Place would be prioritized in getting rescued.

Unfortunately, Preston shook his head. "The Roaring Token is so rare so I don't possess such a treasure. Only the Saint Lord has one..."

A trace of sadness appeared on Letitia's face when she heard this.

As they spoke, two other warriors had fallen and were completely devoured by these small skulls. The only thing they left behind was a puddle of blood and nothing else. As s small skull's jawbone hit the floor, it emitted a loud screech and immediately flew towards another warrior!

"Ah!" the warrior screamed.

It seemed their assumptions had been correct.

This place was no longer safe. They had to leave or they'd end up being food for these hungry, flesh-eating skulls!

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