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   Chapter 1765 The Cursing Power

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"Sorcerers, this is the territory of the Humanity Alliance! Get out of here quickly!" The Saint Lord of the Cyan Lotus Sacred Place's voice boomed loudly. However, huge skulls suddenly appeared in the crevices.

Upon closer look, some creatures with oddly-shaped bodies were scattered across the skulls' eye sockets and mouths.

Aside from the skulls, there were three one-eyed Angels of Death that carried three grand sorcerers on their backs.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck…" One of the grand sorcerers glanced at the Saint Lord, waved a bone cane in his hand and said in a painfully chilling voice, "Don't let even a single one of them go…"

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…"

The rugged black shadows swarmed the sky like an army of locusts as they rushed towards the Saint Lord of the Cyan Lotus Sacred Place.

"How dare you!"

In turn, the Saint Lord extended his hand, and unsheathed the treasured sword that he held. Meanwhile, the experts of the Cyan Lotus Sacred Place also made their move.

At that point, the sword energy surged in the sky over them and the light of laws shone like the sun.

"There's a little boy here! Ha-ha…"

Apparently, a rugged black figure had discovered Dominic, whose cultivation base was at the Internal Elixir Realm.

However, Dominic was quite quick-witted. He stepped on a cyan lotus and turned into a streak of cyan light the moment he was discovered, in a strange attempt to escape. He knew that if he stayed there, he would only be a burden to his father.

Yet, Dominic was too young. He was only thirteen years old and his cultivation base was only at the Internal Elixir Realm. Although he had his ingenious ways, a black bone spear had pierced his body before he could even take a few steps out.

The Saint Lord of the Cyan Lotus Sacred Place had originally not noticed his son, but because of the connection between him and Dominic through a treasure—a Life Lock, the Life Lock reacted when the spear stabbed Dominic. He quickly turned around and looked at his son.


"Ha-ha… There's no need to be sad. The entire Cyan Lotus World will be taken over, and you will die as well!"

After that, the three grand sorcerers began to attack the Saint Lord together!

The Saint Lo

. He's not going to die that easily," Preston said as a black bolt of lightning fell across the sky. "Boom!" a huge pit suddenly appeared in front of them with a loud bang, which contained the bulk of a skull. Then, some craggy-looking figures crawled out of it.

"Go to hell!"

Preston reached out his hand and made a beat, from which a strange vibration had spread out.

His move was a high layer skill of the Space Law. Two forces which constantly shook each other in the same space could cause terrible damage!

"Crack! Crack..."

Cracks quickly appeared on the black figures' bodies, and then they turned into black powder on the ground.

However, the black powders suddenly moved again and turned into fist-sized skulls. Then they hurled themselves at Preston!

Preston launched another attack. However great the shock was, it could not damage those small skulls at all!

The skulls swarmed over Preston to bite his back. Their white teeth gnawed at Preston's body-protecting life vitality. It was the sorcerer race's curse!


Preston had no time to care about anything else. The Saint Lord had ordered him to protect Letitia, so he had to take her to safety.

The two ran and ran through the sacred place until they reached an underground palace. Core disciples of the Pure Jade Sacred Palace entered with them as well.

They were fortunate enough to have escaped to the underground palace, which was a sanctuary built by the Pure Jade Sacred Place—for now.

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