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   Chapter 1764 Cyan Lotus World

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"You're threatening me!"

Zen looked incensed.

However, the Divine Flame Cauldron was dead silent. No matter what Zen asked, there was no reply...

Zen tried to call out to the cyan dragon, but he didn't answer.

"Zen, Zen, what has happened to you?"

Hearing Margaret call his name, he opened his eyes, his face lined with worry.

Of course, she did not know that Zen was arguing with the Genuine Dragons in his mind. All she could see was that Zen was sitting with his eyes closed and his face was twisted in anger.

"Nothing. I'm fine." Zen took a deep breath and exhaled deeply.

Right now, the nine Genuine Dragons in his mind were constantly bickering with each other.

"Aren't you being a little too cruel to Zen, brother?" the cyan dragon complained.

As the first Genuine Dragon to wake up, the cyan dragon had been with Zen for the longest period of time. However, his eldest brother forbade him to respond to Zen, so he had no choice but to grudgingly follow his orders.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon was the only one of his kind in the Genuine Dragon World and his bloodline was the rarest. He had absolute authority and wisdom, so the cyan dragon would not dare to disobey him because of Zen.

"This still isn't cruel enough!" remarked the Five-clawed Golden Dragon. He paused for a moment before continuing, "The things that he will face in the future are far more cruel than what he's up against right now..."

"But we are still complementary to each other. We still need to rely on him to return to the Genuine Dragon World," said the sixth oldest dragon.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon smiled faintly and said, "Zen's matter is much more important than us returning to the Genuine Dragon World. What matters is that he should be able to go further, even if we nine brothers cannot return and perish here!"

The rest of the eight Genuine Dragons fell silent when they heard this.

Their eldest brother was right. They had to think about the big picture. Zen was much more important than them.

The Celestial Position had done a lot of things in the face of danger this time.

Not only did they have to rely on the power of the nine dragons, they also had awakened the kylin boodline of the Xuanyuan Clan and at the same time, they had reached an agreement with Lone's sword.

These ten Godly Geniuses carried important responsibilities on their shoulders. When they stood out of the universe, they were already carrying the destiny of the universe with them.

Many Supreme Lords had formed an alliance and begun to carry out the first stage of the Celestial Position's plan, which was to exterminate the sorcerer race.

However, these Supreme Lords hadn't returned yet

y, and soon he lost track of his father. However, he continued flying in the direction where his father had disappeared.

After flying for a long time, he saw that there seemed to be some black objects in the distant sky. They were like streaks of lightning, which had descended from the sky.

When he approached it, he discovered that his father along with powerful warriors from the Cyan Lotus Sacred Place were all gathered. And the black streaks of lightning were actually space cracks that extended all the way from the sky to the ground!

'Such huge space cracks!' Dominic was astonished. It seemed as if the heavens and earth were going to be ripped apart by these space cracks!

His expression quickly changed from bewilderment to fear.

He stared open-mouthed as many monsters appeared from within the space cracks. Their shapes were as horrible as jagged mountains, and they looked even more terrifying than the most vicious beasts.

Even the Saint Lord's expression was extremely grim.

As the world lord of the Cyan Lotus World, he often traveled through spaces and sometimes when he built space tunnels he would reach the backside of space. This cursed Shadow Race wasn't unfamiliar to him. He had encountered them before a few times.

However, the Shadow Race, also known as the sorcerer race, was extremely enigmatic and powerful. Killing them would unleash horrid curses.

Under normal circumstances, they wouldn't casually provoke the sorcerer race. Moreover, the sorcerer race always lived in the shadows, and if they left the backside of space, they would suffer a huge attack from the curse of the gods. And now, the sorcerer race had emerged from the other side of the world. Seeing this, the Saint Lord of the Cyan Lotus Sacred Place realized that they were in big trouble...

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