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   Chapter 1763 The Disciple's Plan

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The destruction of the heavens meant the destruction of all living things.

The inner world of a martial artist usually collapsed soon after he or she died, and all living things within would disappear, turning into dust and ashes.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon's words rendered the Supreme Lords speechless.

Supreme Lord Mathias pulled a long face. "So that means that we have to get involved in it?"

Master Feng shook his head. "We do not force anyone to join it. But you have been involved in this since the moment you were born."

The Holy Being was dying, which meant that sooner or later, the universe would collapse.

Then, the trillions of creatures in this universe would disintegrate with the collapse of the heavens.

But what they released once they disintegrated was not life vitality. This was because the whole universe would collapse with the collapse of the heavens. Everything after that would return to chaotic energy.

But compared to the Holy Beings of the divine land, the martial artists of the universe were first-level living creatures. So when the inner world of an ordinary martial artist in the universe collapsed, creatures in there would turn into life vitality.

There was pin-drop silence in the moment.

Rocher, Nathan, and the other juniors were not so flustered. They were not that old, and they did not have so many missions, scruples or worries.

But all the Supreme Lords present were either responsible for the fate of their own races or clans.

If the universe were to shatter, they would lose way more.

After a long period of silence, Supreme Lord of Original Sin said, "Our Xuanyuan Clan will try our best to help the Celestial Position race."

"The Ji Clan will also spare no effort!" The patriarch of the Ji Clan also spoke up.

"The Lie Clan will go all out!"

"Our Clan too..."

Master Feng nodded towards the four Supreme Lords of the Thoughtless Minds.

On the surface, it seemed that the connection between the Celestial Position race and the Thoughtless Minds wasn't too deep. But in reality, these two forces had had the closest relationship in the past.

The Holy Being had more than one disciple.

The Celestial Position race was created by Harold Yu, the chief disciple of the Holy Being. The four major clans of the Thoughtless Minds represented the other four disciples of the Holy Being.

The inheritances of the four great clans came from these disciples.

It was no accident that the Thoughtless Minds had been superior to many other great forces and had risen to such levels. Besides, three Godly Geniuses of the four great clans had even managed to break into the top ten warriors in the universe. This was no accident, and they had been encouraged by the Holy Being's disciples.

The other Supreme Lords were s

his time. "If not, I would've been the first to choose not to cooperate."

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon glanced at Zen and on seeing that Zen was serious about this, let out a sigh that echoed in Zen's mind. "You are the lucky child born in the Time Sea, and also the attempt of two Holy Beings. This is the unprecedented attempt to overturn the divine land. Success or failure does not depend on your will. It doesn't matter if you cooperate or not at this stage."

"It's not important?" Zen pondered over the Five-clawed Golden Dragon's words, wearing a smile that screamed irony and anger.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon's words were very clear. He was definitely a very important part of their plan.

But Zen wasn't in a particularly important position at the moment, which meant that his decision wouldn't change the general situation.

Zen had fallen into confusion once he had returned from the Illusion Battlefield. Everything he saw had undergone earth-shattering changes, including Lavender and Rocher.

After having thought and endured everything for so long, Zen finally let loose his fury.

"If I'm not important, does it mean that I can do whatever I want?" Zen asked, his nostrils flaring.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon did not respond.

"So I can choose to give up everything? Even my own life?"

Zen's eyes lit up. He was not someone who would give up on himself recklessly. But now, he had lost the right to know things about himself. What was more, his own values had been overturned.

He was unwilling to cooperate with their plans in this situation.

Perhaps Zen's words took an effect, so the Five-clawed Golden Dragon's voice floated over from the depths of his mind. "Have you stopped looking for your sister?"

Zen's expression clouded at the question.

He wondered whether his own sister had been kidnapped by these guys.

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