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   Chapter 1762 The Nine Dragons Woke Up

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Zen's heart skipped a beat.

He did not reveal anything about the nine dragons or the Divine Flame Cauldron to anyone else.

Master Feng had once mentioned some dragon before, but Zen had thought that it was more likely to be the Ancestral Dragon. Now, Zen finally realized that these people seemed to understand him more than he did.

He was a little depressed, but it wasn't a bad thing for him.

Moreover, if these Supreme Lords truly wanted to harm him, they wouldn't have taken so many detours.

Zen smiled faintly and asserted, "I want to ask for their permission first."

Master Feng nodded, appearing to be notably patient.

However, before Zen could utter his question to the cyan dragon, the latter's voice had already rung out.

"It's time. Our eldest brother has been in a deep sleep for too many years. I thought that we'd have to return to the Genuine Dragon World before he'd have the chance to wake up," the cyan dragon remarked unhurriedly.

"How did the Celestial Position race know about your existence?" Zen probed curiously.

The cyan dragon kept silent for a moment and then explained, "They are the pawns set up by the Holy Being's disciples, and we Genuine Dragons are the contractual beasts of the Holy Being. They know of our existence, and this is not strange."

The Genuine Dragons were all contractual beasts of the Holy Being?

Then wouldn't the entire Genuine Dragon World be a gigantic spirit beast bag?

Zen was silent as his thoughts ran wild about his calculated guess.

Though this conjecture was somewhat uncertain, the most unreliable matter had already happened. With such a massive universe being the inner world of the Holy Being, it was understandable for the Genuine Dragon World, an independent supreme world, to be a spirit beast bag of the Holy Being.

Just what kind of creature was this Holy Being? Zen helplessly sighed in his heart, feeling more bewildered than ever.

The more he knew, the stranger the universe became. Nothing was like what he saw on the surface. Realizing that this distracted him as he delved deeper, he stayed calm.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Zen made his way to the crystal coffins.

Solemnity was written all over Master Feng's face. The soul essences in these crystal coffins were still active; they were from vicious beasts and legendary beasts. Over the years, the Celestial Position race hunted them. And releasing them now would only mean that the risk of getting Zen's soul completely devoured was of high probability.

The value of these soul essences was even hard to estimate. Even the leaders of the great powers, such as Supreme Lord of Oracle and Supreme Lord of Original Sin, revealed an expression of interest when they learned such a large number of soul essences. The Celestial Position race had hunted down such a large number of soul essences in the universe all these years. They had this strong belief that humans' three significant forces were nothing compared to the race.

"Relax a little. I will wipe out the souls within these soul essences."

As soon as Mast

Five-clawed Golden Dragon exclaimed.

However, Master Feng shook his head. "Not enough. Our opponents are much stronger than we imagined. This battle is only the prelude. We can only take one step if we win. However, if we make a small mistake, then we will seriously lose."

"We don't have a choice," the Five-clawed Golden Dragon said flatly.

"That's right, we have no choice..." Master Feng looked indifferent. No matter how tough and arduous it was for them, they could only bite the bullet and continue onward. As the saying went, "Man proposes, God disposes."

"Hold on..."

At this moment, the silent Supreme Lord Mathias suddenly spoke up. "It sounds as if we were innocently dragged into this crisis? This crisis was brought about by your Celestial Position race. Why do we, ogres, have to participate in it?"

As Supreme Lord Mathias spoke, the other Supreme Lords of the other races also wore the same expressions of deep agreement.

Summoning the leaders of the big races was the right decision made by Celestial Position to face the biggest crisis in the universe.

But from the looks of it, this crisis was caused by Celestial Position race.

What did the trouble that the Celestial Position race had caused have to do with them?

Roar! The Five-clawed Golden Dragon roared. His golden eyes stared at Supreme Lord Mathias and he insisted, "You also have no choice! Those who cannot jump out of the heavens cannot choose. If the universe is destroyed, then all of you will turn into life vitality in the end. Think about what will happen to those living beings in your inner world. Ha-ha!"

If a Supreme Lord perished, the inner world within his or her body would also collapse, and everything within the inner world would once again become the vitality of heaven and earth.

The Supreme Lords were the creatures of the inner world of the Holy Being. If the universe collapsed, they would be unable to cross the heavens and escape its shackles. Then, they would be reduced to the vitality of heaven and earth and later on disappear.

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