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   Chapter 1761 Leader Of Nine Dragons

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The Supreme Lords grew serious.

They hadn't expected the center area of the Celestial Position race to be attacked by the sorcerer race.

Master Feng looked stern. This was an unforgivable omission.

The beast was black, with cracks all over its body and was more than a hundred feet long.

It was fierce and though Master Feng had pulled it out of the space crack, it was still frantically struggling on the ground. It was obviously targeting the remaining nine Godly Geniuses.

But even though it was powerful, it couldn't break free from Master Feng.

After it had struggled a while, the huge body unexpectedly started to tremble, and before anybody could react, countless tiny black dots shot out of the cracks on its body.

These black dots were actually poisonous insects.

"Watch out!"

"It's the Venomous Stinkbug!"

"Let me take care of them."

The Supreme Lords had watched from the top of the stairs but hadn't acted before since Supreme Lord of Oracle, Master Feng, and Supreme Lord of Original Sin had taken care of everything.

The flying Venomous Stinkbugs couldn't harm the Supreme Lords, but could easily poison the juniors.

These creatures that lived on the other side of the world were most proficient in spells, curses, and poison.

The sorcerer race's attacks were very closely linked to each other this time.

There were many of these Venomous Stinkbugs and several Supreme Lords working together. How could one possibly escape?

With a light flick of Supreme Lord Amritpal's finger, small balls of fire exploded inside the bodies of the Venomous Stinkbugs, turning them into ashes that scattered onto the ground.

The poisonous insects had barely been cleaned up before the space beside them cracked up once again. The Supreme Lord of Original Sin had leaped out, a black object in his hands.

They could barely make out what it was, but from this distance, it appeared to be a human figure.

This 'person' had a dark body and limbs as thin as hemp. His hands were surprisingly large and held a skeleton staff. His eyes were so black, the whites were barely visible. His face was like that of a devil.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin tossed this 'person' casually on the ground, unworried of him running away. It was a fact that no one could escape from Supreme Lord of Original Sin.

"There's only one member of the sorcerer race?" Supreme Lord of Oracle asked.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin nodded and said, "This fellow attacked this place while riding an Angel of Death." His gaze landed on Karl's dead body that looked like a crushed sack. He frowned. He had been hoping for the universe to count on these Godly Geniuses, but one of them had just died! This was not a good sign, even though Karl was not a member of the four great clans. "Can he be revived?"

But Master Feng's soul form was very special. Any other Supreme Lord would probably have been miserable.

Supreme Lord Mathias turned purple with rage as he saw this.

He had previously just been afraid of the so-called True Gods and hadn't even considered the sorcerer race strong. But he was realizing that the sorcerer race would not be easy to deal with.

Master Feng sighed and ordered the scene to be cleaned up. Once the Angel of Death had been taken away, his eyes fell on Zen as he said, "Zen should be the target of this grand sorcerer."

This grand sorcerer should have been hiding behind space for a long time. When he had urged the Angel of Death to attack, his first target had been Zen.

He hadn't expected Zen to react so quickly. Zen had taken Margaret with him and dodged the attack. Unfortunately, Karl was the one who had been killed.

"You have something they fear." Master Feng continued to stare at Zen and said, "No matter what it is, we need to talk about the dragon right now!"

"You mean the Ancestral Dragon?" Zen, however, remembered that he had left the Ancestral Dragon in the fairy palace.

Master Feng shook his head, saying, "No, there are other uses for the Ancestral Dragon. It will be best if you can nurture it yourself."

With that, Master Feng turned towards the depths of the cave. His lips moved as if he was sending a message to someone using his life vitality. Soon enough, someone had carried purple crystal coffins towards them.

Zen looked within them and discovered that there were a number of things moving about within the crystal coffins.

"These are the soul essences of various legendary beasts." Master Feng continued, "It's time to awaken the Five-clawed Golden Dragon in your body."

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon was the leader of the nine dragons, and also the big brother that Josh had mentioned.

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