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   Chapter 1760 A Surprise Attack

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After hearing what Rocher had to say, the Supreme Lords fell silent.

They regarded the divine land as a world of fantasy. They knew that only by becoming True Gods would they be able to enter the divine land.

However, what they did not know was that the universe they were in was actually the inner world of some Holy Being. And this Holy Being was already in a dying state.

Even the True Gods could escape the Five Aging Processes and live forever. Then how could anyone be able to kill a Holy Being? There had to be a better explanation!

Even though they were Supreme Lords, they took their time to digest this news.

"Because of the current state of the Holy Being, there developed some flaws in the universe." Rocher paused for a moment before continuing, "I believe that everyone here has seen the techniques of Shania. She has broken through the highest level of the universe's rules and grasped the Law Power of the tenth layer, even though she is not a Supreme Lord."

Many Supreme Lords silently acknowledged this fact.

When Shania had fought with Zen, she had definitely displayed the Law Power of the tenth layer.

The Supreme Lords were finding it difficult to understand how Shania was able to achieve this. How was it that she was able to grasp the Law Power of the tenth layer without even being a Supreme Lord?

"The reason for this is that Shania found a flaw in this universe, which was also found by the people in another universe. They are trying to think of a way to pass through the Sighing Wall and enter our universe," Rocher said.

Now everyone was able to grasp the situation.

But the Supreme Lords still had many questions. Who were the intruders? Were they also humans? Or perhaps they were from some other race. If there was a True God among the intruders, how would they be able to withstand it?

"Since they have the help of a True God, how can we fight back?" Supreme Lord Mathias sneered.

"Humph, didn't the ogres always regard death as an honor? What happened now? Are you afraid of them?" another Supreme Lord mocked.

"Easy for you to say that. How can we fight against a True God? Do you have any idea or technique?" Supreme Lord Mathias glared at the Supreme Lord and asked.

While this war of words was taking place, others remained silent. They were at the brink of a war, and now there was an internal conflict.

Although the universe was vast with countless geniuses and Supreme Lords, True Gods were still above every law of the universe. It was highly impossible for the Supreme Lords to fight against a True God.

"Do not give up hope. We still have a chance!" Rocher looked around, trying to put on a brave face. He was puzzled with their reactions. All these Supreme Lords were the top warriors in the universe. Then how could they panic and not stay calm as him?

Supreme Lord of Original Sin, Supreme Lord of Oracle, and Master Feng all looked at Rocher with admiration, appreciating his brave front. Supreme Lord of Origina

heavy blow that they were finding hard to breathe.

Didn't Master Feng say that there was still time? They wondered with fear. How did the enemy suddenly reach the base of the Celestial Position race in an instant?


Soon after the claw squeezed Karl to death, it wasted no time and reached for Zen.

Zen's eyes darkened as all the energy in his body surged out, struggling to escape through space. However, the speed of the claw was incomparably fast. In the blink of an eye, the claw arrived in front of Zen and was about to grab him.

There were more than twenty Supreme Lords present.

This entire turn of events left the Supreme Lords so speechless that they wasted precious time, just rooted to their place.

"You evil-looking creature! Leave Zen alone!"

Saying this, Supreme Lord of Oracle took a step forward, raising her hand.

She unleashed her long sword from its sheath, and a sharp light shot out.


The power of this sword light was very intense. A thin line appeared on the wrist of the claw, cutting off the entire claw in a neat line. It was a spectacular sight to watch.

"The sorcerer race! The nerve to enter our world! You thought you could penetrate and get away so easily!" A hint of anger appeared on the face of Supreme Lord of Original Sin. He turned and fled to the back of the space.

Master Feng let out a cold laugh. Fury was written all over his face. Although the importance of Karl wasn't as great as that of Xenia, he was still one of the Godly Geniuses in the end. He never expected that Karl would die such a horrible death. Master Feng turned his hands into two claws, grabbed at the crack, and pulled back the wrist that was struggling to retreat.

The wrist whose claw had been cut off by Supreme Lord of Oracle was trying to pull out from the crevice.

An invisible force roughly pulled back the broken wrist from the crack.


A huge, horrible-looking black creature smashed into the wide cave through the crack.

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