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   Chapter 1759 The Dying Holy Being

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The great worlds, then the entire universe, until finally, the divine land. This was the order.

Very few True Gods would descend to the areas below the divine land since this was normally not allowed.

Legends had been told of True Gods who returned. However, these remained as legends. Nobody had yet seen a True God in the universe.

The traces of the True Gods Zen witnessed in the Hall of Causality were left behind before they advanced. Zen didn't know why they had never returned. He did not have a thorough understanding of the world, and what he knew he had obtained it from what the Supreme Lords debated about.

"Because those True Gods didn't come back from the divine land," Master Feng continued. "They came from another world, another universe."

Supreme Lord Mathias' eyes widened.


It was possible that some of the other Supreme Lords already knew about this, but the rest had similar reactions as Supreme Lord Mathias.

They did not have a clear understanding of this world's nature. Thus, they did not have the capability to predict who their future enemies would be.

Master Feng tapped his hand and a small dot appeared in the middle of the cave.

The dot then began to expand until it turned into a ball that was around ten feet wide.

"I do not know what the divine land truly looks like," Master Feng said. "Some of the information was passed down from my blood, but it is incomplete. I can only tell you what I know. Suppose this round ball in front of us is the shape of the divine land..."

"The divine land is spherical?" someone asked.

Master Feng, however, shook his head. "It is most likely irregular in shape."

Everyone now listened attentively. None of the Supreme Lords present could ever hope to become True Gods but they still greatly desired the divine land.

"There are many True Gods in the divine land, but there are even stronger existences…" Master Feng continued. "Just like us, they have a perfect inner world that can function as a real world. Moreover, they also possess a Godly Tile!"

As he spoke, his eyes inevitably landed on Zen and the other warriors.

Other than Xenia, who missed her chance to get her Godly Plate, all the other nine had their own Godly Tiles. It was only through the use of a Godly Plate could a warrior transform into a True God.

"The Godly Tile is the biggest difference between us and the True Gods. With that, they have the abilit

unwillingness in their faces.

They were indeed the top existences in this universe, but they were inevitably trapped within a circle. According to principle, even if there was a channel that led out of the universe and this giant inner world they were living in, they would only dissipate into life vitality bit by bit and cease to exist. This fact was extremely hard to accept but also a bitter truth that must be swallowed.

It was exactly the same as the powerhouses they also had in their own inner worlds. No matter what cultivation level, a powerhouse was doomed to remain within them since any escape meant the dissipation into life vitality. Those who went against the rules were destined to die.

Here, only Godly Geniuses had the qualifications to cross the heavens and become True Gods. The moment they comprehended the Godly Way, they would possess these abilities.

Therefore, being a Godly Genius wasn't really a power but a type of qualification.

And those who had such qualifications now stood in front of these Supreme Lords.

"This is very contradictory," one of the Supreme Lords said. "Since we belong to a Holy Being's inner world, how can he or she allow the people of other heavens to come?"

Master Feng nodded his head in understanding. "You're absolutely right. This normally wasn't supposed to happen. I also didn't understand, but Rocher, fortunately, found the answer."

Everyone's gaze then drifted towards Rocher.

There was a hint of overwhelming pressure on Rocher as all the Supreme Lords looked at him. He nodded his head and began to speak. "What if that Holy Being is dying?"

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