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   Chapter 1758 The Meeting

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Everyone had been stuck here for quite some time now.

At Master Feng's summons, Zen realized that he could finally leave this damned place.

The Celestial Position warrior led the way. Then they met Xenia and continued their journey with her.

The journey this time felt strange to Zen and his companions. It was as if someone was following them. Xenia brought everyone into the spatial passageway, then left it, and then repeated this over and over again dozens of times.

They then entered a large city and once they arrived at a certain residence, began to dive deeper into the cellar. Only after going through a thousand turns of the underground passage did they finally reach their destination.

The massive underground cave had a number of artificially carved marks on its walls. Many Celestial Position warriors were shuttling back and forth, looking very busy, as if they were on the brink of completing something.

Bronze pillars over ten feet wide stood at the end of the cave. They weren't supporting the cave, neither did they seem to be able to bear the weight.

Nathan and Lawson were already impatient.

"Xenia, what do you plan to do by bringing us so far underground?" Nathan asked.

Xenia turned to glance indifferently at him. "We're almost there. You'll know soon enough."

Once they had passed the bronze pillars, Nathan's eyes lit up and he rushed forward.

Just beyond the pillars were a series of oval-shaped steps, and on these steps stood over twenty people.

These people were the strongest existences in the entire universe, all Supreme Lords who could change the entire universe.

Nathan had become excited because he had seen the patriarch of his clan. "Patriarch!" he exclaimed.

Supreme Lords were divided into different levels based on their strengths.

Nathan's father, the Supreme Lord of Original Sin, the Xuanyuan Clan chief and the leader of the Thoughtless Minds was at the highest point.

The patriarchs of Lucille's and Lawson's clans stood alongside him.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin only nodded towards Nathan and said rather flatly, "You've arrived."

Nathan was a little intimidated on seeing so many Supreme Lords standing together and did not approach them. He simply stood together with Rocher and the others.

Lawson and Lucille also greeted the patriarchs of their clans. This seemed to be an important meeting, what with so many Supreme Lords gathered here. And this meant that as juniors, they were requir

r figure well.

"The sorcerer race was cursed and no longer a powerful force. We've always ignored them, but there is one point that we cannot even compare," the woman continued.

"Supreme Lord of Oracle, what does that mean?" the patriarch of the Ji Clan asked.

'So this is the Supreme Lord of Oracle, ' Zen thought, his eyes glinting.

The Supreme Lord of Oracle was the leader of the Humanity Alliance. Who would've thought that it would be a woman?

Supreme Lord of Oracle's eyes flashed. "They aren't humans or ghosts, but they are, without a doubt, the race that understands the universe the best. No one in the universe can compare to them, not even the Celestial Position race!"

Master Feng nodded. "Supreme Lord of Oracle is right. Although this sorcerer race is cursed, they have survived so many eras that they definitely know more about the universe than us. If they want to cause trouble, it will be a headache for us too!"

"Even if that's true, it will be, at most, a mere headache. But all of you act as if the universe itself were about to perish!" Supreme Lord Mathias said coldly.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin, on the other hand, said, "Our opponent is not only the sorcerer race."

"Then who else is?" Supreme Lord Mathias was angry. His race seemed the slowest, as if they didn't know anything.

"Gods. True Gods," Master Feng answered.

Supreme Lord Mathias fell silent at Master Feng's words.

If the True Gods really wanted to destroy this universe, everyone would be in big trouble.

But soon, Supreme Lord Mathias realized what was happening. "Impossible! Why would the True Gods come to this universe?"

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