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   Chapter 1757 Summoning For A Gathering

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In the past few days, whenever the malicious aura containing the poison exerted itself, Zen's actions became more violent than before.

But gradually, he too came to understand the thoughts of Sword Chen.

To cultivate the Emotion Closing Godly Way meant completely discarding one's emotions. However, there had been times when even the Buddha got angry. It was simply unrealistic for a martial artist, who was nonetheless a living being, to completely discard all feelings.

The only other way for Zen was to be like a hard stone. Then, he would truly be ruthless and heartless.

There was almost no such thing as the absolute Emotion Closing Godly Way. Zen's talent was supreme, and he had gradually approached the Emotion Closing Godly Way merely by relying on instinct, but there was still some way for him to go.

Sword Chen had helped Zen with a special technique to fill in the gap.

The special malicious aura had been created by Sword Chen himself. By using the malicious aura to fill one's body, one could turn themselves into a ruthless killer.

In this state, Zen completely withdrew all his emotions, his perception of external things dropping infinitely.

At this moment, he did not even know if he was human, ghost, or a different entity altogether.

This was why he had launched an attack on anyone he saw when the malicious aura exploded. Whether it was Rocher, Lucille, or even Lawson, whom he despised, he targeted all of them and attacked them undiscriminatingly.

When he was no longer influenced by the fluctuation of his emotions, he would close off his emotions. To put it bluntly, Zen would become heartless like a stone. He would only know how to kill, uncaring of his reasons for killing, or the consequences of killing his opponents.

Master Feng should have expected this long back. He had thrown him into this scenario and let him do whatever he wanted. The other warriors were not so easy to mess with anyway, so nothing bad could happen to them.

However, at this stage, Zen was not familiar with the malicious aura enough to sever his emotions correctly. He could abandon his emotions when he was in a frenzied state, but he was unable to control himself.

As he went berserk time and time again, Zen's consciousness gradually grew independent.

At the beginning, he had been like a primal beast. After losing his consciousness, he charged toward Rocher and the others purely on instinct.

Now when Zen's eyes had become bloodshot red, he could control his own actions to a certain extent.

As soon as Zen gained control on his emotions, he would step into the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

Zen was able to draw and wield his sword multiple times in quick succession, but he was still unable to employ the Gods-intimidating Strike. Rocher and the rest had gotten used to Zen's madness in the past few days. They seemed to be treating it as a form of practice. Whenever they sensed that Zen growing abnormal, they would step away an

u know that it was dangerous for you to act like that?"

Just now, he had almost killed Margaret with his sword. Zen himself was shocked.

A look of grievance appeared on Margaret's face, like she was a child being scolded for having done something wrong. She knew her fault, and she did not dare refute him. "I didn't see what you were doing…"

Seeing Margaret's pale face, Zen knew that she had gone through a blood exchange. His eyes softened. She had good intentions. There were too many people in this world who wished only to do good, but often could not help but do harm instead. Some of them even lost what they had in the process.

Zen was about to reprimand her, but he bit back the words on his lips and reached out to touch her hair. "Next time, don't act like this."

"Okay…" Margaret pursed her lips and nodded. A bright smile made its way to her face. She stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around Zen's waist, inhaling his scent.

Zen knew that Margaret's promise was only perfunctory. She never learned her lessons by heart. He heaved a sigh helplessly…

As Nathan and Lawson saw this scene before them, they both sneered at the same time.

Currently, except for Shania, all the top ten warriors of the Illusion Battlefield had arrived.

But there was no news yet from the Celestial Position.

Margaret wished that no one would come to disturb her. She felt strange about Zen's way of cultivating Emotion Closing Godly Way. She joined the others on the second day when Zen went out of control. However, she was more of a troublemaker and soon was asked to stay by the sidelines to watch.

Zen's control over his state was getting better and easier. It was only a matter of time until he became a Godly Genius.

Finally, the Celestial Position sent someone over. Master Feng summoned the nine warriors for a gathering.

In the past few days, the Celestial Position had been making plans, and now it was finally time to see what they were up to.

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