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   Chapter 1756 The Eruption Of The Malicious Aura

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The information in this blood was extremely vague and too difficult to understand.

Zen was completely immersed in his thoughts when he began to hear a voice suddenly start to whisper in his ear.

The voice was so soft that he had to try his best to make out the words as he also deciphered the information.

Lone also came here a few days later. He was extremely pale and was already complaining as he arrived. "Why do I have to get my blood changed? I almost died!"

He had not been born in a large clan. The only thing he trusted was his sword and he had no intention in going to the Celestial Position. Therefore, it was normal for him to be rude.

All the other martial artists couldn't help but agree with him. The process of blood exchange was indeed painful and required an incredible amount of suffering.

With the arrival of Lone, that only left Shania and Margaret.

Zen was quite looking forward to Margaret's arrival. However, he was also quite worried. He had received news of Letitia's ascension through searching the memories of the great world but he had no idea which supreme world she ascended to. Once he dealt with all his affairs, he would immediately set out to look for her.

With Zen's current prestige, he knew it would be easy for him to find out where she ascended to. So long as the supreme world she managed to stay in belonged to one of the great forces of the human race, then Zen was sure to find her.

The only thing he could do now was to wait for Margaret's arrival and see what Master Feng's next move would be.

However, all this waiting was making him bored.

Nathan was the same. He spent his days finding a large enough rock to sleep on with his burly figure exposed.

Lawson, on the other hand, was going a bit crazy. He would often seek Nathan out to tell him jokes. However, Nathan would already chase him away before he even got to the punchline.

Rocher usually cultivated every day but he would find the time to chat with Zen every now and then. He was probably the one who knew the truth amongst all of them but he kept his mouth shut whenever he felt he was about to talk about something important. These were secrets, and Zen had no way of persuading him to reveal any of them.

The most relaxed out of all of them was surely Lucille.

She mostly spent her days reading in a comfortable corner, immersing herself in her fantasy books. If she got tired of reading, she'd look for Zen and ask him to tell her some other stories.

Fortunately, Zen was never short of interesting tales courtesy of the great world's memories. It was easy for him to find a good story to tell her.

As he narrat

n method of malicious aura?"

This kind of cultivation method was merely comprised of dangerous evil skills. It could be completed within a short period of time but it was impossible for it to be completed successfully since the collapse of a warrior was inevitable. Nobody who used this method was destined for attaining a higher cultivation level. In fact, a practitioner of this method could never hope to achieve even a quarter of what Zen had already attained in this life. There was no way someone like Zen used this kind of cultivation method.

"It is just the cultivating way," Rocher repeated.

Zen remembered feeling restless but that was it. The situation confused him greatly. Could he perhaps take advantage of this feeling to cultivate the Emotion Closing Godly Way and activate the last lotus petal? It seemed impossible but both Rocher and Master Feng said so. There didn't seem to be any other choice for him since he also didn't seem to have the capability to expel the malicious aura.

Only a day after that, Zen's malicious aura burst out again and it was even more vicious this time. The warriors could only suppress him once more.

It was quite a strange scene. One minute they'd be intently listening to Zen's stories, but the next minute they'd be on guard against his sudden attacks.

After six or seven days, the Celestial Position members finally arrived with Margaret.

She looked extremely pale owing to having her blood changed. If she knew it was going to be that painful, then she would never have agreed to it. She only did it for the sake of reuniting with Zen.

She had just arrived when she saw a small crowd surrounding Zen and attacking him. She immediately screamed and charged down in anger when she witnessed this scene.

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