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   Chapter 1755 The Information In The Blood

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"He's surprisingly able to bear the pain," a Supreme Lord said. His cold yet slightly impressed voice echoed against the walls.

Their eyes gravitated towards Zen's thick meridians, and they were sure that the Sky Origin Blood still raged fiercely within his body. Zen on the other hand had no choice but to endure it.

If it wasn't for his inhumane physical strength, he would've exploded by now.

"He'll need at least a few days if he wants to keep the Sky Origin Blood for his own use. Let's see how he endures it," chimed another voice.

Right after the words died down, Zen's eyes shot open. His face had been ghostly pale a few moments ago, but it had now returned to its normal state. He even gave everyone present a faint smile.

The warm current in his body, also known as the primordial energy wrapped around his meridians and continued to resist the Sky Origin Blood's erratic energy.

Although the immense force didn't disappear, Zen had managed to suppress it.

It meant that even if Zen looked terrifying at that moment, he was actually no different from a normal person since the energy in his body had reached a balance.

"Amazing!" everyone around him exclaimed.

The Supreme Lords gawked at Zen as if he was a monster, completely at a loss for words.

During this period of time, the Celestial Position had changed several people's blood. Four of the top ten warriors in the Illusion Battlefield had changed their blood into the Earth Origin Blood, which was different from Zen's. To them, it felt like a walk into the jaws of death.

In reality, Zen was able to move. He didn't really need to bear the pain at all, but he had to remain in his position and absorb the Sky Origin Blood first just to be safe.

After what seemed like ages, the Sky Origin Blood finally subsided. It was as if a berserk beast had exhausted all its energy within Zen's body. The snake-like meridians around his limbs calmed down and shrunk as well.

At last, Zen had changed his blood into the Sky Origin Blood.

At that moment, he felt his entire body was filled to the brim with a unique power.

The power was completely different from the dragon scales'. He had borrowed the power of the dragon scales in many fights, but t

y shrugged.

"She's still on the way. Aside from Shania, the other nine must all be here," he said.

Zen just nodded. He would eventually find out along the way, regardless of the Celestial Position's motives. However, he noticed that Rocher's gaze was transfixed on Freya, but with a hint of hostility.

He then remembered what happened after he got drunk. He was curious, so he brought it up.

Freya who stood beside him balled her hands into fists. She tried to keep calm, but her nervousness betrayed her. She knew that Zen would mention it sooner or later, but she didn't expect for it to be so fast.

However, Rocher simply smiled and said, "Zen, you were drunk. You must've misheard."

"Oh really?" Zen said as his eyebrows creased.

But he wasn't sure either, so he could only hope to keep it out of his mind.

In reality, Zen didn't actually know what Rocher was up to even until now. His friend who used to never lie to others, now hid so many things from him. Rocher had more secrets than half of what he said last time, which made Zen feel that he was becoming increasingly mysterious.

The Sky Origin Blood had undergone some subtle changes in Zen's body recently. Aside from the strong power, there was also something else lurking within the blood.

Some races, such as the Genuine Dragon and the Genuine Phoenix hid important information within their blood. Then, the information within their blood would be passed onto the next generation when they had grown up.

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