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   Chapter 1754 The Sky Origin Blood

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Zen originally had doubts regarding the blood exchange.

But when he looked at the people around him, the expressions on their faces strengthened his resolve to go through with the blood exchange.

"Master Feng, we agreed that we would perform the blood exchange today. Can we start as soon as possible?" Zen asked with a humble smile.

Master Feng felt a headache earlier when he was interrogated by these people. His head further throbbed when he thought that he would probably still have to persuade Zen into exchanging his blood. He was surprised that Zen proved to be willing to perform the ceremony. It exceeded his expectations.

"Brat, are you really sure you've thought this through? The Sky Origin Blood is an extraordinary thing. If your body can't handle it, you may bleed to death. It's very powerful," one of the Supreme Lords said in a cold voice.

A warrior nearby immediately chimed in, "Ordinary martial artists don't have the capacity to handle it at all; it might be better if you think about it again!"

Zen strode into the center of the great hall and swept his gaze over these strong warriors.

Under the scrutiny of these powerful warriors, any ordinary young warrior might be flustered and might even be unable to stand steadily on their own feet. But Zen was unaffected; he had already encountered Supreme Lords and even faced them in battle.

Zen smiled at them. "My Lords, do you think I'm an ordinary warrior?"

As the words left Zen's lips, the expressions on the seven warriors' faces all froze. They realized that no warrior that championed the Illusion Battlefield could be ordinary.

Master Feng snorted in disdain. He told the warriors, "At such a critical moment, why do you only care about the Sky Origin Blood?! You only see the step in front of you. You never think on a larger scale. You are too narrow-minded..." He then turned and addressed Zen, "If you are already sure of your decision, follow me."

With that, Master Feng walked away and entered the inner hall. Zen nodded his head in affirmation and followed Master Feng into the inner hall. He had asked Freya to accompany him. The Supreme Lords and grand world lords exchanged a few glances between them before following their leader into the inner hall.

The inner hall had a strangely unique structure. The center of the floor was deeply caved in, with a circular structure that spiraled upward like a staircase.

"Stand in the middle of the room," Master Feng instructed Zen.

Zen acknowledged with a tilt of his head, before he descended into the spiral on the ground and stood in its center.

The small number of Supreme Lords knew that they could not do anything to dissuade him, so they just stood on the side to spectate. On the other hand, Freya leaned onto a corner, staring downwards at Zen.

"The Sky Origin Blood has tremendous power. It is up to your body if it can contain the blood

ed them that Zen was able to absorb the Sky Origin Blood quite smoothly.

The last person who had absorbed the Sky origin Blood was Master Feng himself. During that time, he was already a world lord and he was exchanging the Earth Origin Blood for the Sky Origin Blood. But even then, the leader had suffered such tremendous pain.

During the blood exchange ceremony, he wasn't able to stand the pressure and he had almost destroyed the entire hall.

However, seeing Zen's reaction, they wondered why he had absorbed the Sky Origin Blood so easily.

The Supreme Lords looked at each other, surprised expressions in their eyes.

"Don't you find it strange?"

"Yes. It is as if this kid's original bloodline is the Sky Origin Blood. It's amazing that he didn't have any problem absorbing it…"

"Ha-ha, that's impossible."

Zen wasn't able to hear their discussion, as for that moment, he truly felt like he was about to explode.

Every inch of his body exerted a tremendous amount of pressure, pressing outwards! His physical body was like a jar that was containing that enormous pressure within it.

The enormous pressure tortured Zen extremely. If only he could chop himself open into two to relieve the pressure!

But Zen's physical body was uniquely one-of-a-kind.

At that moment, his body's special ability came into play. As the immense pressure built up within his body, it turned into a warm current once again. It was the primordial energy...

When refiners forged weapons, a portion of primordial energy would be produced by each strike of the hammer. The primordial energy constantly flowed around the weapon, so that the weapon was continually strengthened. Be it a fairy weapon, a sacred weapon, or a divine weapon, their abilities might be different but the same principles were still applicable. Even the supreme primordial weapons followed the same rules. The only exception was the supreme chaotic weapons.

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