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   Chapter 1753 Exchange Blood

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The purple smoke from the incense burner seeped into Lavender's body bit by bit. As it did, her aura grew stronger.

The scene drew Zen in and he wanted to see what was burning within the incense burner. Looking down, he saw a purple crystal as it was being burned by a thin wisp of flame.

"It's the Candle Dragon Crystal, made from dragon oil. The condensed crystal is very precious and effective in repairing the soul." The cyan dragon's voice resounded in his head. "The value of this small piece of Candle Dragon Crystal is nearly that of a supreme divine weapon."

"You finally spoke," Zen remarked.

Once, the cyan dragon served as Zen's beacon of sorts, guiding him along his pursuit of the martial arts. But lately, the dragon had been silent.

The creature knew that Zen was rather upset about it, but he merely smiled and said, "An ant wants to climb a mountain. If it does not look up and keeps going upward blindly, it will one day cross it. But if you let the little ant know the height of the mountain right away, I think that it will lose the courage to cross it."

Zen knew that the cyan dragon was talking about him.

Indeed, knowing what he'd be facing ahead of him could do him more harm than good.

But still, that didn't stop Zen's curiosity.

"Things progressed much quicker than I expected," the cyan dragon sighed. "But that's also good. Soon, you'll start exchanging your blood. When you become a member of the Celestial Position, many things will be revealed."

"Why must I change my blood? To join the Celestial Position?" The thought made Zen frown. "Can I refuse?"

Although the Celestial Position had done Zen some good, he didn't particularly like this kind of mysterious feeling—he always felt like he was in the dark, as if everyone was hiding some sort of conspiracy.

"You have to exchange your blood, but this has nothing to do with you joining the Celestial Position," said the dragon.

"Can't you explain it to me? Clearly?" All he wanted was the truth—Zen didn't want to be stuck in the dark any longer.

"The blood of the Celestial Position race is very special. It will increase your strength and more importantly, it can hide you from others."

And the people he was referring to were probably those whose identity couldn't yet be revealed. His response made Zen's eyes roll—he simply couldn't be bothered to find out who these people were. In any case, the dragon wasn't going to tell him anything, even if he asked.

Getting a sense of Zen's emotions, the cyan dragon immediately said, "They've made a move against you before. They probably thought they have already destroyed you… In truth, you really shouldn't have gone to the Illusion Battlefield to fight for the champion. It was too conspicuous…it put the Celestial Position in an awkward situation too."

"They've made a move

These seven warriors were grand world lords or Supreme Lords. One could only imagine just how shocking their auras were when all of them gathered together.

A single Supreme Lord's soul pressure alone was enough to weaken or even destroy Zen's soul, let alone seven of them.

But these seven didn't use such means to suppress Zen—they were only expressing their emotions with it.

But even so, the overwhelming auras still came crushing down on Zen. His face instantly turned pale while Freya's legs grew weak before she fainted.

Seeing her pass out, Zen's eyebrows furrowed.

"You old guys must watch your manners! How could you do this? They're only kids!"

With a casual wave of his hand, a warm breeze blew over the area.

Suddenly, Zen felt the pressure on him lighten, letting him bend down and help Freya up.

Although he knew that these people were the top-notch characters in the Celestial Position, their actions left Zen with a negative impression.

The others glared at him coldly.

Right after he got there, Zen heard these people were opposed to the idea of him having some special blood.

But they couldn't change Master Feng's mind and naturally, they had to keep a straight face in front of Zen.

The Celestial Position warriors' gold blood was divided into three types—Sky Origin Blood, Earth Origin Blood, and Human Origin Blood.

Most of the Celestial Position warriors exchanged their blood for Human Origin Blood, and a small number of them could exchange theirs for Earth Origin Blood.

But when it came to the Sky Origin Blood, the Celestial Position had only inherited enough for two warriors. Many years ago, they had used one and now, the leader wanted to give the last one to Zen. How could the Supreme Lords and grand world lords be happy to hear the news? Naturally, they were determined to stop the head of the race from handing anything to Zen.

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