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   Chapter 1752 Repairing Hands

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It wasn't very difficult to treat the injuries on Zen's hands.

He also had some pills to help regenerate his muscles, but the reborn flesh and blood would be quite different from his original flesh and blood.

In the beginning, Zen thought that they would give him some sort of magic pills.

However, the only reason they had come here was for one thing, and that was to get exceptionally accurate measurement.

This measurement included the fracture of Zen's muscles as well as the thickness and width of his bones.

After busying themselves for four to six hours, the three warriors left.

Freya and Zen were also confused, and wondered whether this group was really there to help him.

One day later, the leader of the group returned and took Zen outside. He measured the distance and then walked a dozen steps out of the door. "Come over here."

Zen walked over and stood in the spot indicated by him. He did not know what was going on.

Although he had passed the Celestial Position race's examination, he did not know much about the race and the methods they used.

The warrior grabbed Zen's arm and adjusted his position. Then, he nodded mysteriously, took two steps back and made a gesture towards the sky...

The cloudless blue sky suddenly filled with dark clouds. Within the layers of dark clouds, two stripes of green lightning streaked across the sky, like two green dragons that flashed faintly across the clouds!


Zen gazed up at them and barely had time to react before the two green bolts of lightning descended and landed on his hands!

The powerful force of lightning caused Zen's hair to stand on end. Even his thoughts came to a halt, rendering him incapable of thinking.

Zen was aware that some kinds of thunder and lightning actually contained a powerful life energy. These streaks of thunder and lightning could give birth to life in the Soul Sea. However, he did not expect the Celestial Position to use this method to cure his hands...

The meridians in his hands stretched out endlessly, crawling all the way from his arms to the back of his hands. They were like small worms that coiled around the back of his hands and followed the crevices of the bone on his fingers, extending all the way to his fingertips.

They continued onward spreading to his muscles, tendons, skin, and so on.

Zen felt a tingling sensation in his hands and was unable to exert any strength. Apart from this, he also felt an invisible force twisting his hands, and preventing him from falling to the ground.

After the streaks of green lightning were exhausted, the power suddenly disappeared. Under the sudden whipping of the lightning energy, he, too, fell to the ground, temporar

y calmed himself down. No matter what, the right to choose was in his hands. Perhaps his fate would be secretly influenced by some force, but in the end, he would still solve the mystery.

His gaze rested on Lavender again.

Even though she was curled up into a ball, her beautiful figure was not hidden. Her thick eyelashes fanned out like a pair of paintbrushes and trembled.

Lavender was straightforward. In the past, her behavior had not been strange. She had stayed with him and helped him progress in cultivation, and in return he would help her ascend to the throne once again.

Now it seemed that the matter wasn't as simple as it appeared.

Lavender's previous words were a bit obscure, as if she was hiding something, particularly Elena's motive for killing her.

According to her, Elena was preparing to directly make a move on her, but what was her motive? If she really was to going to gain control of the entire Demon Night, then Elena also needed to kill Latonia. However, Latonia was safe and sound all the time.

Latonia was certain that Elena wanted to monopolize the Demon Night, but she still dared to reincarnate and turned into Shania. She didn't seem to be afraid of Elena's methods.

This was a very contradictory situation. It didn't make any logical sense.

After Lavender woke up, Zen would have a good, long talk with her. He thought that she wouldn't hide such matters from him...

"Zen, have some spirit tea," Freya uttered, serving Zen a cup.

Zen took the teacup from Freya. However, instead of taking a sip, he just kept staring at Lavender. He didn't notice that Freya, who stayed behind him, looked hesitant. She wanted to say something, but on second thought, she changed her mind. Her black eyes, like two stars in the night sky, were gleaming in a strange way.

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