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   Chapter 1751 Heal

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On the surface it seemed as if Rocher had visited Zen to talk about the old days.

However, his true purpose was to question Freya.

Freya seemed to have appeared by Zen's side by accident. She had left the Ascending Well with Zen, left behind a message rune to him, and then was found by Zen, all by coincidence.

Rocher was unable to predict where those people might be, but he was able to find an abrupt clue to it.

He truly did not have any evidence to prove that Freya belonged with them, but he could prove that Freya was not reliable.

"You have no other choice, believe me," Rocher said in a frigid voice.

Freya retreated a few steps, feeling betrayed and wronged. "I don't have any intentions toward Zen. I just want to stay by his side. Why are you doing this to me?"

Rocher stared fixedly at Freya as he searched for a reason that would betray her in her eyes. However, her performance was flawless, as though she had appeared by Zen's side thanks to sheer luck.

"I am grateful to Zen for saving me. As long as I can stay by his side, I am willing to serve him like a servant," Freya continued.

The lightning in Xenia's hands grew intense as she waited for Rocher to make the next move.

Indeed, there was no way of questioning what Freya was saying. Rocher's eyes were serene. He raised the Soaring Snake Sword in his hand and slowly swung it at Freya.

The sharp point of the sword reached the center of Freya's eyebrows and the extreme sword intent gave off a light silver glow. His sword intent was relatively mediocre and extreme, unlike Zen's lively one. If Zen's sword point was pointed at a person, that person would die under the threat of his sword intent alone.

"I won't give you another chance. Tell me. What is your goal?" Rocher asked, his face unreadable.

No matter how powerful warriors were, they would compromise in the face of death, unless they truly did not care for their lives. Rocher wanted to drive Freya to the brink of death so that she would admit to her wrongdoings.

In truth, he did not dare to kill Freya before he received irrefutable evidence.

Previously, he had done a thorough evaluation of Zen's character. Zen's talent was greater than his own, but he was like a simple child. He had full trust in the people around him.

Freya had been by Zen's side for a long time. If he killed her, its impact on Zen would be immeasurable. He needed unquestionable evidence to incriminate her, so his words just now about killing her were mere threats.

However, Freya's performance was far better than what Rocher had imagined.

Even in the face of death, she did not reveal any signs of panic. Her tone was very decisive

n made Zen's heart sink. Had Rocher tried to bully her? He pushed that thought out of his head. He knew very well that Rocher was a very upright person. He would not be so dull as to bully Freya in Xenia's presence.

"It's nothing. Zen, can I not talk about it?" Freya asked pitifully.

Zen was confused to see her in this state, but he did not pursue the matter further. He told himself to ask Rocher about it at a later stage.

However, Master Feng had brought him here and told him to wait. He did not know where Rocher had gone, so he could only wait until he appeared next.

The scenery here was pleasing to the eye. Although Zen was not in a good mood, he experienced rare moments of comfort. Sometimes, his mind went completely blank as he enjoyed the flowers with Freya by the lake outside.

Three days later, more people began to arrive one after another.

They were all black-robed Celestial Position warriors and made off after leaving behind a few things.

These were all rare and priceless medicinal herbs. It was impossible to put a value to them.

Even Zen, who had seen many rare treasures in his lifetime, could not help but suck in a sharp breath when he saw the herbs. The Celestial Position was indeed so rich in treasures that it was hard to imagine it.

After this, three black-robed persons arrived, seeming like leaders. They were all world lords.

They introduced themselves as important figures in the Celestial Position, each of the three proficient in healing warriors. Their means and methods were among the best in the universe.

One of them checked Zen's arm and frowned. "As a general rule, Corrosive Liquid corrodes all things. It is a miracle that your bones have not yet corroded, but I have to say that it will be harder to heal your hands."

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