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   Chapter 1749 Sixteen Grand Eras

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As soon as Zen's eyes landed on Rocher, he smiled and floated in the air, before finally landing by the lake.

Meanwhile, Freya followed suit and landed beside Zen.

Zen was about to give Rocher a brotherly pat on the shoulder when Freya suddenly warned, "Watch out!"

Zen was startled, but he also noticed that although the green item had temporarily replaced his flesh and blood, it was still very fragile. It might hurt if he accidentally crushed it.

Thus, he raised his hands in surrender.

Xenia stared at Zen's hands and giggled when she saw his face. Her dimples dipped further into her cheeks, which was rather adorable. "Have you gotten used to the Illusion Battlefield and forgot to protect yourself? Look at you! You look really pitiful!"

Since there were no actual deaths in the Illusion Battlefield, many martial artists unscrupulously used up their lives. They would eventually be resurrected anyway.

They were still used to that after they returned to the real world. In those times, they wouldn't panic during a crisis, but sometimes they would also get seriously injured. They might even get killed. And if they got killed in the real world, they would be dead. Only during then would they realize that they were no longer in the Illusion Battlefield.

"I heard that you were injured, but I didn't expect your hands to be like this," Rocher sighed.

"That's not important," Zen said, his lips curled. "I have a lot of questions to ask you."

There was a trace of craftiness on Rocher's face. "Zen, you can ask whatever you want, and I will answer all of them."

However, Rocher rarely ever looked like that. He was a righteous man, but from his expression, Zen figured that he probably wouldn't get what he wanted to know.

Still, it was better to know something than nothing.

Just then, Zen turned to Xenia and asked his first question.

"First question, where did you get that page of the Sanskrit words?" Zen asked. At his first question, Xenia was stunned.

She didn't think that he would direct his first question at her. She blinked a few times, and then smiled. "Didn't you want to ask Rocher questions? It's not like I agreed to answer your questions."

In the end, Xenia wasn't one of those old foxes. Her eyes flickered with guilt, and Zen already knew what her answer implied.

He stared at her before he shifted his gaze to Rocher. "It seems that you already know that I also have a page of Sanskrit words."

Those Sanskrit words were quite special.

All the Sanskrit words appeared on his body whenever he encountered the raging fire.

Over ten years ago, Zen had once been exposed during the competition in the Cloud Sect.

Moreover, with Rocher's eyesight, he would never forget those Sanskrit words, just like how Zen had never forgotten Rocher's sword

situation completely different from Zen's.

"This crisis in the universe is different from what it was in the past. This crisis is related to both you and me, and the root cause is within the divine land. If the universe can't overcome this crisis, then there won't be a next grand era," Rocher stated.

"There's no next grand era?" Zen mulled over his words. He thought of what Master Feng had said. There wouldn't be another young generation; they were the last.

Rocher nodded and sat down at the mirror-like lake. Xenia sat beside him. Then Zen and Freya also followed suit.

Apparently, Rocher did know a lot of things that Zen didn't. However, Zen was also puzzled. Just where did he learn those from?

His confusion didn't go unnoticed by Rocher, who smiled at him. "I didn't know in the beginning, either. I even knew less than you, but ever since I entered the savage land and saw the sixteen scratches on the mountain wall, I have learned a lot."

"Sixteen scratches?" Zen asked, even more confused.

"The names of the grand eras are all written under the scratches, respectively. Beneath the sixteenth scratch is the word 'Cosmos, ' the name of the current grand era."

"This universe has undergone sixteen grand eras?" Zen asked. His eyes went wide at this piece of information.

The Heavenly Fragment in Zen's hand was a fragment of the previous grand era.

Who drew those scratches? How did that person know this?

If so, then that person had made a record of all the grand eras since the creation of the universe.

If that person had experienced each of all the grand eras and drew a mark every time, did that mean that he had lived for 57.6 billion years?

Needless to say, Zen was speechless. All of his experiences in his life combined were most likely just a hair's width compared to what that person had experienced in a blink of an eye.

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