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   Chapter 1748 Ultimate Truth

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The old man was going to leave with Zen, but the elders of the Sword House followed them.

They were puzzled as to how Zen entered the cave alone but came out with an old man.

What was more, they could sense that the old man was powerful. But who was he? Why and how did he show up in the forbidden area of the Sword Manor?

"Zen, did you see Master Bi?" someone inquired.

"Master Bi?" Zen shook his head and lied, "No, I didn't see him."

"That's strange. We haven't seen him since he left."

"Could he have entered the Killing Sword Mountain?"

"The Killing Sword Mountain is a forbidden area. How could Master Bi violate the rule?"

Hearing their discussion, a faint sneer played on Zen's face as he thought, 'Hah! Your Master Bi was sentenced to life imprisonment.'

It appeared that the warriors of the Sword Manor didn't know that Finch had entered the Killing Sword Mountain.

While they were still discussing this, one of the two world lords of the Sword Manor stared at the old man and asked, "May I ask who you are and why you showed up in the forbidden area of our Sword Manor?"

These two world lords were also in charge of the Sword Manor, second-in-command after Finch.

According to Sword Chen's order, no one was allowed to enter the Killing Sword Mountain except the one with the Whispering Sword. If the old man came out of the Killing Sword Mountain, it meant that he had disobeyed the rule.

But these two world lords were knowledgeable.

After all, they could tell this old man might be one of the Supreme Lords. No matter which Supreme Lord he was, they didn't have the power to fight him, so even though they had asked politely, if he was unwilling to tell them, they could do nothing.

If the old man was not powerful, they would have taken action.

Facing the world lords' question, the old man did not seem to mind. He smiled and said, "Something has been triggered in the universe, so I have to come here to take Zen away."

"Take Zen away?" asked a bewildered world lord.

"No, you can't do that!"

Both the world lords immediately shouted in panic. The faces of the elders present also grew serious.

They had discussed all of last night and arrived at a decision.

Finch had announced that whether or not Zen obtained Supreme Lord Sword's heritage, he would be the new leader of the Sword Manor. And they would make him stay in the Sword Manor whether or not he accepted it, even if they had to force him.

Everyone agreed with this decision.

They naturally didn't know that Finch had planned on not letting Zen leave the forbidden area alive. If Zen died there, Finch would have told everyone that he encountered some trouble and died in a trap. He would then shed crocodile tears and proceed to take Supreme Lord Sword's heritage away and retain his position.

Two world lords stepped forward.

The elders of the Sword House also blocked Zen and the old man.

Even if the old man was really a Supreme Lord, they would stop them in order to keep Zen from getting aw

with all this information. After the Illusion Battlefield ended, he felt that everything had changed. It seemed that everyone was hiding something from him, and he was the only one who knew nothing about it.

"It'll depress you. One day you will know it." The old man continued, "Now that you have joined the Celestial Position race, I will heal your hands first. Then I will change your blood and restore Lavender's soul. If she needs, we can give her a female body."

"To be honest, I'd like to know the truth of the world first," Zen said, looking upset.

However, the old man blatantly ignored his request.

To join the Celestial Position race, the first thing one must do was to change one's blood.

Since Zen's hands were severely damaged, they decided to postpone the change of blood and repair his hands first.

Helping Zen regrow the flesh and blood was not difficult, but it was not easy to get a perfect recovery.

Zen was put in the center area of the Celestial Position race. The icy blue palace was beside a peaceful lake with tall cedars dotting the lake shore. It was a quiet area.

"The scenery is beautiful," Freya said with a smile as she stared into the distance.

Zen was not interested in the wonderful scenery at all. He was thinking about what he was going to face later. The Celestial Position race seemed to have some plan, and according to what the old man said, Nathan was involved in it. But Zen's appearance had upset their plan.

Zen speculated that the Celestial Position race must have joined hands with the Thoughtless Minds, or maybe even other forces. It was not a tough guess to make. This crisis would engulf the entire universe, with no exception. So all conflicts were meaningless, and what they needed to do was to come together and survive the crisis.

While he was still contemplating all this, the scene that unfolded in front of him in the next moment confirmed his speculation.

He spotted Rocher and Xenia walking side by side toward him from the lake shore.

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