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   Chapter 1746 Corrosive Liquid

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Finch didn't think of the corpse of a Supreme Lord as trouble.

He was confused but also determined, given that he had planned this for so long.

Finch was one of the earliest to have followed Supreme Lord Sword.

No one knew where Supreme Lord Sword was from and how he had become a Supreme Lord.

As an ordinary force, Sword Manor couldn't foster a Supreme Lord.

But the reason behind a Supreme Lord showing up in the Sword Manor was really simple.

The Crowns of Destiny had been monopolized by the great forces in the universe

like the ogres, the Thoughtless Minds, the Blessed Buddha Land and the Demon Night race.

The difference in the strengths of a Supreme Lord and a world lord was huge. Even if weak forces were to obtain a Crown of Destiny, they would have no time to manage to carry the Heavenly Destiny.

The Crown of Destiny would, at most times, be expropriated by the great forces, with the weak forces having no power to resist.

This meant that a force was no longer weak once a Supreme Lord appeared within it.

The Sword Manor had become one of the great forces because Sword Chen had become a Supreme Lord.

When an ogre Supreme Lord had died and the Crown of Destiny had disappeared, the entire universe was a possible place for the crown to reappear. The ogres had to try their best to find the new Crown of Destiny and bring it back.

Almost all forces had joined in the battle for the Crown of Destiny but Sword Chen had ended up inheriting it. Nobody yet knew what method Sword Chen had used to stop the great forces from fighting. Even the ogres had not attacked him, even though the ogre race had lost a Crown of Destiny for this one to appear.

Finch could not figure out how Sword Chen could persuade the ogre and the other forces.

Finch wasn't the only one that was confused. Some Supreme Lords who weren't participating in the fight were questioning this through the Roaring Tokens.

But warriors from the great forces that had participated remained silent.

Finch couldn't figure out the reason, but he was getting there with his own deductions.

The reason was probably amazing and its value was definitely higher than that of a Crown of Destiny. But what in the universe would be more valuable than the Crown of Destiny?

The Crowns of Destiny were the ultimate possessions in the universe. On the other hand, to become a Supreme Lord was to become one of the strongest one hundred and twenty-eight warriors of the universe.

Finch, who had been just a steward of the Sword Manor at the time, had planted a seed of curiosity, which had now grown into a massive tree. He had to find the answers.

It seemed like Supreme Lord Sword had had a premonition of his death before he had left. So he had arranged his heritage ahead of time and put it under the Killing Sword Mountain.

Finch had alread

word and shook off the Corrosive Liquid on it. Finch seized the broken sword and brandished it.

Was it the heritage of Supreme Lord Sword? Finch was ecstatic.

"It doesn't belong to you. Give it to Zen," a strange voice echoed.

The voice sounded old and came from the direction of the corpse. Finch had been nervous since they had found the corpse of Supreme Lord Sword. Hearing the voice was the last straw and Finch, startled and frightened, lashed out with the sword.

The sword light rushed toward the corpse and began to fold like a piece of paper. Once it had folded several times over, the sword light disappeared.

Finch was aware that only a few people in the universe could withstand his strike. No one apart from the Supreme Lords and grand world lords could do that.

Finch was still in shock but he decided to escape with the broken sword.

He believed that this sword hid all of the secrets and that he would finally figure them out as long as he had the broken sword.

He activated the Sword Step and rushed toward the gate. His Sword Step was much stronger than Zen's.

But he froze in the air while he was just a few feet away.

An invisible force was controlling him, rendering him motionless.

Lavender looked at Finch, not surprised at the scene because she knew that someone would do it. But she hadn't expected the one to take action would be someone so powerful. It wasn't an ordinary Supreme Lord who had done so.

Finch struggled, panicking, but he couldn't resist the force.

"Who? Who's that?!" he screamed.

Sword Chen had passed away a long time ago. He might have set some traps, but it was impossible for those traps to control Finch like this.

A figure slowly emerged behind Sword Chen.

The figure was in fancy robes, embroidered with special golden patterns. Finch thought the patterns were familiar and wondered where he had seen them before.

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