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   Chapter 1745 The Corpse

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Zen was annoyed when he saw the mass of densely packed small spiders that spread like a bloody ocean towards him.

He had faced a myriad of difficulties in the past, but he had never been so passive. Being caught off his guard while he fell into this particular world lord's trap irritated Zen to no end.

The only thing that comforted him was Lavender.

Although Lavender did not tell Zen what was in her mind, he could tell from her attitude that Finch's trick did not impress her.

Finch also seemed to be wary of these small spiders. As he saw them spread out, he tapped his finger gently and dark red flames encircled him, enveloping his entire body.

The wave of spiders ebbed like the tide as they climbed up the folds of Zen's clothing.

Zen looked at the fist-sized crimson spiders with distrust. There was a low probability that the spiders were harmful to him, and Zen himself was not afraid of being poisoned. Why did they gather beside him?

While he was still lost in his thoughts, the small spiders climbed onto his body and sunk their sharp mouthparts into his skin.

Zen did not expect that the spiders' mouthparts were actually strong and powerful. His divine weapon body was not able to fight the attack, and the mouthparts embedded themselves deeply into his skin.

The small spiders' bloated bodies deflated instantly, and then detached themselves from Zen before tumbling down to the ground. Surprisingly, they were actually dead.

All of the spiders did the same thing. They attached themselves onto Zen's body, and seemed to inject a substance into him from their own abdomen, before they detached themselves and fell down dead.

Zen observed his body for any changes, but he did not feel anything unusual. It baffled him. If these small spiders had injected him with poisonous venom, they wouldn't have died immediately. Why did that happen?

The process had lasted for about six hours.

The number of small spiders crawling up Zen like a tide earlier had decreased. The spider corpses, on the other hand, had already piled up like mountains below him.

As Finch saw that it was almost time, he sneered and flew upward. He grabbed Zen and dragged him off the golden spider web.

At that moment, Zen couldn't do anything but let Finch do what he wanted. He was also wrapped into a cocoon by so many golden spider silks; but even if he was free, he knew he still couldn't match up to Finch.

Finch crossed to the other side carrying Zen in his arms. After walking a short distance, he smiled faintly and gestured with his hand, making the hexagonal seal float down with Lavender and trail behind them.

"You just need to endure it for little while, and your suffering will end soon," Finch sneered.

He pulled Zen over to a corner of the space and a bron


Zen had already seen for himself that Sword Chen had become a True God, so when he saw his mortal husk, he was confused for a moment.

Finch also seemed to be very confused by what they were witnessing.

Zen's Whispering Sword must have been entrusted to him by the old manor head.

Therefore, when Zen told them that the old manor leader had transformed into a True God, Finch readily believed him. Now that he was suddenly faced with the old manor leader's corpse sitting in this place, he panicked immediately.

Finch tried everything he could think of in order to open the bronze door, but he never managed to break through it.

Never had it occurred to him that Supreme Lord Sword would have met his demise behind this door!

Only the warrior who possessed the Whispering Sword could have gained the thousand-leg spider's consent and had been able to open the bronze door...

Only Supreme Lord Sword could have entrusted the Whispering Sword to the warrior. However, it seemed that Supreme Lord Sword had died behind this very door.

This formed a baffling paradox. If so, who had bestowed the Whispering Sword to Zen?

Finch and Zen were both extremely perplexed, but at the same time, they could not help but also be extremely vigilant!

Lavender sat a bit straighter within the hexagonal seal. She watched the scene unfold from a short distance away, and a faint smile slowly appeared on her face.

The way she saw it, Finch's behavior was very ridiculous.

Winning the first place of the competition in the Illusion Battlefield wasn't just for bragging rights. It also determined the future of the entire universe.

Killing Zen wasn't really an easy task.

He would possibly die in an imminent catastrophe, but it was impossible to kill him there.

Lavender wasn't too surprised that they were facing this kind of accident.

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