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   Chapter 1744 Spiders

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The situation in the dark room turned chaotic all of a sudden.

Some unknown creatures were approaching them. The creatures were unable to avoid Zen's sword radiance. When they got penetrated by it, they let out ear-piercing hisses.

Lavender too launched an attack and at the same time, the sound of light footsteps came from not too far away!

Then Zen heard Lavender's delicate voice—it sounded as if she was fighting with someone in the dark.

"Bang, bang!"

In all this chaos, Zen slipped and started falling down rapidly!

Zen was struggling to stabilize his body when he felt a powerful force catch him and pull him to one side. Soon after, several threads draped his body.

He struggled against the extremely soft and flexible threads.


The thunder and lightning began to accumulate on the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, but it was instantly repelled by something. With a clang, the sword fell to the ground!

Only after the Dark Law lifted partially did Zen discover that he was lying on a huge spider web.

The threads forming the web looked like they had been spun delicately from gold. He was bound by many threads, which firmly locked him in place.

Not too far away, there was a hexagonal seal. Lavender was ensconced within the seal. She was still holding onto her spear!

Suddenly something dawned on him at that moment. Had he fallen into a trap?

He twisted his body with a sudden jerk, wanting to break free from the golden spider web. However, it did not have much effect on this kind of a flexible spider web, which molded and moved in sync with his body movements. Of course, it could also be that Zen was not strong enough. He was mightier compared to other warriors at the same cultivation level, but when facing really powerful masters, his strength was still inadequate.

As he continued to squirm and wriggle, the number of golden spider threads multiplied, binding Zen tighter to the web.

Lavender's expression was uncharacteristically calm as she sat holding the Saint Killing Spear in her hand. Her composed manner gave Zen the heebie-jeebies.

"Pa, pa, pa…"

At this moment, footsteps could be heard once again.

Zen looked towards the direction in which the sound came and saw a black figure. There was a small black shadow on the person's shoulder. The person's jade-green eyes emitted an uncomfortable light.

When the figure approached, Zen furrowed his brows and said coldly, "Master Bi."

Finch Bi seemed to have become a completely different person. He simply chuckled in response when he heard Zen's voice.

"Where's Freya?" Zen asked with a frown.

"She's dead," Finch answered flatly.

"Huff, huff…"

An enraged flame rose in Zen's heart as an enormous aura burst forth

Lavender was a sword spirit form so she was not hurt too much, but her face didn't look good.

If Finch wanted to, he could completely obliterate Lavender's soul. After the recovery of her soul, her strength had increased a great deal, but she was still unable to contend against a world lord. Not to mention that Finch's strength was comparable to that of a grand world lord.

Finch smiled wickedly, "Whether I have it or not is something that I will know only after trying. Moreover, I have been studying this damned place for countless years in anticipation of this very day! There is no omission in my arrangement, so I know that I won't fail."

Lavender did not utter a word. She only glared at Finch icily.

Zen also realized what was going on. Finch was well aware that the inheritance of Supreme Lord Sword was located right below the Killing Sword Mountain. At the same time, it was not his first time in the Killing Sword Mountain. It was obvious that he had disobeyed Sword Chen's orders long ago.

Now he planned to obtain the inheritance of Sword Chen.

But from the looks of it, the inheritance was not merely a trial, otherwise Finch would not have placed so much importance on it…

So then what was it?

Lavender seemed to know something, but she was not telling him.

Zen was glum. All he could do was stay and watch as Finch busied himself in setting the place.

Soon sizzling sounds filled the air.

After Finch activated some mechanism, he heard something crawling once again. But this time, the sound was denser. It was as if there were countless small creatures crawling in all directions.

Soon, Zen saw an astonishing scene.

A large army of small spiders appeared from the cracks in the surrounding space. These spiders were dark red in color. A sea of spiders were surging towards Zen.

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