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   Chapter 1743 The Dark Room

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The cyan dragon did not reply.

Zen took his silence to heart and felt very depressed.

What was behind all these things?

He knew that the answers weren't going to just present themselves on a silver platter for him, so he thought it best to explore by himself.

He decided to continue on with the Glint Pearl. Except for the murals, there didn't seem to be anything else special about the hall.

Zen soon arrived at a room at the back of the hall. There was a cracking noise as soon as he entered.

It seemed he had stepped upon something.

He looked down at his feet and saw a cloud of dust rise.

Zen lowered the Glint Pearl and saw exactly what he stepped on. It was a skeleton, a human skeleton.

This skeleton must have been here for so long that it turned to dust the moment someone stepped on it.

He continued looking around, his gaze flickering under the light.

There was more than one skeleton here.

Numerous bones were scattered all over the place. Some were still complete, meaning that the corpses remained intact.

Or it could also mean that all these people died here.

A person's body decomposed at a rate determined by the cultivation level.

Those who entered the Killing Sword Mountain definitely had high cultivation levels since normal warriors would never be able to withstand the overwhelming killing aura along the way.

After death, the skeletons of those who had been at the Soul Sea Realm and above would turn into bone jade and last for a very long time.

However, bone jade did not last forever. Given enough time, the spiritual energy within the bone jade would drain completely, and the bone jade would start its degradation process. This took tens, even hundreds of thousands of years though.

For these bones to immediately crumble under Zen's weight meant that these corpses had been lying here for a very long time.


Not wanting to crush any more bones, Zen opted to float two inches above the ground.

This room wasn't very big. In fact, it was only around 50 to 60 feet wide. He circled around and found no windows, only a pile of skeletons.

There was nothing meaningful in here.

His lack of discovery puzzled Zen.

He had finally entered the Killing Sword Mountain but there seemed to be nothing here. That couldn't be right. Besides, he wasn't willing to leave this place empty-handed.

Zen expected a trial, a challenge to test his skills. After the said challenge, he would then master the most important part of the Emotion Closing Godly Way and become a fully-fledged Godly Genius. It was all supposed to be simple and straightforward.

This was the opposite of his expectations.

He had gained nothing.

"Check the center of the skeleton

inted his eyes before closing them completely. He couldn't see anything and opening his eyes might create an illusion.

With his eyes closed, he released his perception and felt the movements around him.

At least, that was what was supposed to happen. The moment Zen released his perception, an invisible wall seemed to constrain him and blocked it.

"My perception is blocked!"

Zen cursed. The sizzling sound now grew louder and ever closer.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He thrust out his sword several times in a moment of desperation.

The sword radiance should've been blinding but because of the Dark Law, all light was just immediately absorbed by the darkness.

What made it worse was that each slash of his sword was the sound of something getting hit!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sounds seemed to be a couple of extremely sharp forces that flew in from all directions, but all of them were bounced back.

What were the walls of this dark room made of?

It would be pointless to ask that since Zen couldn't see anything. All he knew was that if any of those sword strikes hit him instead, it would spell big trouble for him.

He quietly activated the Eight Smoky Melodies as a precaution and stood still.

Randomly dodging wasn't going to be an option. That would be even more dangerous since he couldn't see.

All Zen could do was strain his senses to try and dodge the sword beams based on the surrounding energy fluctuations.

However, this technique wasn't going to be practical in the long run. If the sword radiance was directed at his face, then he wouldn't be able to dodge it with the current level of his Eight Smoky Melodies. A direct hit would break through the three-inch boundary very easily.

He could only resign himself to his fate. Fortunately, his fate was extremely lucky.

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