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   Chapter 1742 The Faces And The Murals

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Zen was like an arrow that left the bow swiftly as he dashed forward at an astonishing speed!

The speed of the shadow wasn't slow, either as its malicious aura disappeared in no time. It appeared to turn around and concurrently speed forward.

But it seemed that their distance never got close.

It was as if this black shadow had trained in Eight Smoky Melodies too. It was able to maintain the distance between the two of them at around a hundred feet.

Zen refused to believe this. The principle of the Eight Smoky Melodies made it nearly impossible for the distance to be that far. The space between them could have been three inches, five inches, or even more, but it could never be ten feet.

One in front and the other flying behind, the surrounding terrain also underwent a change.

Round holes that were about three feet wide continuously appeared in the ground as malicious aura continued to surge out from them, making them look like geysers. Only, what came from these holes was not spring water but malicious aura.

This malicious aura became increasingly thick until one could only see what was in front of them!

Sadly, Zen was unable to lock onto the black shadow in this environment and lost its track quickly.

"I lost it," Zen said, stopping.

As she floated behind Zen, Lavender keenly surveyed the surroundings and said with a face full of shock, "I never thought that the Killing Sword Mountain would have such a peculiar sight. How was it created?"

Though seeing the scene made Lavender a bit puzzled, her profound knowledge was more in-depth than that of Zen.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The balls of malicious aura looked as if they were being spat out by the behemoths.

For quite a time, Zen had been submerged in the Killing Sword Mountain. And now, he was affected by the malicious aura as a restless feeling arose within his heart.

"Still not right. This malicious aura is coming from deep underground?" Unable to find the shadow, Zen landed next to a hole, and taking advantage of the interval, looked down inside.

Much to his surprise, Zen vividly saw a face.

To be more accurate, it was not a human face, but one that looked like that of a fiend from the abyss with a pair of fangs covering its upper lip!

The eyes in that face were tightly shut, as if they were lifeless.

Not long after, it suddenly opened its mouth!

Zen quickly retracted his head, and a thick pillar of malicious aura spurted out from the hole.

"What did you see?" A perplexed expression plastered on Lavender's face.

Zen silently pointed at the hole with a strange expression. Soon after the pillar of air stopped, Lavender also looked inside the hole.

With a single glance, her face also underwent a drastic change. Lavender possessed a sword spirit body, so naturally, she wouldn't turn deathly pale like a real person. Howe


In the mural, the gigantic beast was like a large ship. It opened its mouth and made a sucking motion, wanting to swallow the other countless creatures in the mural.

Zen looked ahead and continued strolling forward when a second mural appeared.

The creatures in the second mural seemed to be resisting with all their might. It was as if they wanted to kill this enormous beast. In the third mural, however, Zen noted that only the beast was present, while the other creatures had all disappeared.

The murals were not difficult to read.

It only implied that there were a lot of creatures resisting the gigantic beast. In the end, however, they failed and were recorded in the murals.

These creatures must be real, judging from the lifelike carvings of the giant beast. However, after careful examination, Zen did not find a single human among them.

There was not a single human-shaped creature.

In the present universe, many intelligent beings had great ties with humans. They were ogres, Demon Night, Giants, and so on.

They all possessed four limbs, a head, and a torso.

However, the creatures in the murals were extremely bizarre in appearance, even more bizarre than some of the beasts.

This hall, in particular, wasn't constructed by humans. Why was it hiding here?

Zen was deeply puzzled. He found himself having a hard time explaining and grasping even a single strange thing that he had seen right after he entered the Killing Sword Mountain.

Lavender, on the other hand, clearly knew something, but she chose not to answer his question.

Contemplating deeply this, Zen halted his steps in the darkness and opted to communicate with the cyan dragon in his mind.

"Cyan dragon, do you know what place this is?" he asked.

Cyan dragon had been quiet along the way. He did not utter a word when he encountered so many things. It was clear that he knew something.

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