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   Chapter 1741 A Black Shadow

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The deafening roar reverberated through the air around the Killing Sword Mountain like an evil spirit.

It seemed like the huge faces were no different from evil spirits.

If Zen was facing this alone, he would have definitely been terrified.

But as Lavender was with him, Zen felt more confident. After all, two people were always better than one, even though her presence was just spiritual.

As he realized that lightning somehow had an effect on these giant faces, Zen decided he needed to deal lightning damage to them.

The Thunder Wind Divine Sword contained three kinds of sword techniques. Aside from the Nether God Shadow, it could also produce wind blades and lightning.

Zen poured his chaotic energy into the sword. Countless shadow whips were formed from it, and they lashed crazily at the gigantic faces in the air.

Pak! Pak! Pak! Pak!

The enormous face nearest to Zen suffered the most damage from the strikes of lightning, and was finally dissipated into a cloud of malicious aura.

This scene bolstered Zen's confidence even further.

The only thing that worried him at the start was that he didn't know if these faces could be affected by anything. Since he had already seen that they could be destroyed by lightning, then defeating them wouldn't be hard.

The faces were floating towards him at a very slow pace. Even though they were numerous, Zen had a lot of time on his hands.

After just a couple of minutes, all the huge faces surrounding Zen had been eliminated.

"That was great!" Zen breathed out a sigh of relief. A look of tranquility passed on his face. "Now, I can focus on finding a way out of here."

As soon as he finished the sentence, he noticed that Lavender was looking at him in a strange way. Then he realized that her gaze was not directed at him, but at something directly behind him.

"Ahem! Ahem!"

Zen immediately turned around and saw a huge head with a gaping mouth, which had attempted to take a bite out of him.

The head's facial features were similar to those of the giant faces that had attacked him before; but when they were compared, the giant faces seemed like they were made as masks for the head, as if the head was the original.


Before the bite landed on his skin, Zen shifted and evaded instinctively using the Eight Smoky Melodies. Simultaneous with his retreat, a long whip of lightning slithered out of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword and continued to thrash the head.

The way that those strange eyes stared at him gave him a weird feeling.

Zen had expected from the start that l

e, he also noticed that the black shadow's speed was decreased significantly.

"It's strange, huh?" Lavender asked.

Zen nodded his agreement, his expression becoming serious again. This black shadow strangely seemed to be intentionally guiding him forward.

'I wonder where this thing is taking me?' he thought to himself.

The intricacy of the situation in the Killing Sword Mountain baffled Zen's mind. The black shadow might be leading him intentionally to a more desperate situation, so he was wary of being in dire trouble.

'Is this black shadow really leading me forward to help me? Where does it want to lead me to?'

Just as these thoughts crossed his mind, Zen pulled to a stop. Likewise, the black shadow also stopped in its tracks, about a hundred feet away from him. It seemed to turn its head back to look at him.

With the thick malicious aura separating them, Zen wasn't able to clearly see what the black shadow's form was. But he definitely saw a pair of shiny green eyes staring back at him on the head of the black shadow, scaring him a little bit. He felt a sudden impulse to kill the black shadow immediately, but he wasn't able to because of its speed.

Zen stood in confrontation with the black shadow for a while. He really needed to have at least an inkling of what the black shadow's intention was.

Thus, Zen began to gather strength in his legs. If he wanted to catch this thing, he planned to take it by surprise.

Angling himself slightly forward, he suddenly unleashed his potential as he sprinted towards the black shadow. But at the same time he dashed towards it, the black shadow pulled away from him with an incredible speed. This reaction speed was extraordinarily fast.

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