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   Chapter 1740 A Spatial Maze Array

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The Killing Sword Mountain was hollow.

Right at the opening, Zen stood as he looked down.

A deep, red light shone from inside the structure, hindering his view.

In Zen's pupils, a jade-green light was shining. After his eyes had been cleansed by the sap from the divine tree, he could clearly see what was hidden over long distances away. But even after looking at it once more, he couldn't see it quite clearly.

Although Zen had sensed a strange aura from within the cave since he entered, he didn't turn back.

Without much thinking, he stepped into the opening and descended from the top of the Killing Sword Mountain.

At this point, the man was bearing much pressure.

The malicious aura coming from within the mountain was so thick that it seemed nearly solid. At a glance, it looked like some kind of red mist in strange shapes as if there were all sorts of demons and ghosts circling around Zen. Strange cries came from them as well.

When Zen tried to listen more carefully, the sounds faded away as if they were mere illusions.


Suddenly, he felt a black shadow pass over his head.

"What is it?"

Instantly, he turned alert. Although he was undoubtedly a bold, courageous man, he had just reached the Spirit Supreme Realm—he wasn't invincible.

When he lifted his head to see what the black shadow was, he sent his senses outward to scan the area.

But the rich malicious aura from the cave was affecting his perception. Perhaps he truly was hallucinating, immersed in the malicious aura.

The atmosphere felt too dense. If he stayed there for too long, he feared there would be unpredictable consequences.

With this thought, he decided to speed up. And soon, he landed on the ground. The Killing Sword Mountain was located in the belly of a mountain range and Zen was right in its core. One could imagine the pressure he felt.

Just as he reached the ground, he heard a panting sound.

Puff! Puff!

When Zen turned around, there was no one there. The area was still thick with a blood-red malicious aura.

With the Thunder Wind Divine Sword in his grasp, he chose a direction and continued on forward. But after taking only two steps, he heard the panting once again.


The moment he heard it, Zen turned right around and suddenly thrust his sword forward.

Disturbed by the sword light, the malicious aura around him started churning like a demon.


When the sword light shot out, it submerged into the endless malicious aura, hitting nothing.

Skeptical, Zen narrowed his eyes and c

ugh it, it could probably split the Killing Sword Mountain apart. It might even be able to penetrate the mountain from outside.

But Zen had underestimated the spatial maze array, or rather, he had underestimated the Killing Sword Mountain itself.

If it was so easy to destroy, who could the sacred place stop, relying on the bronze door? If that were the case, any warrior at the Spirit Supreme Realm could easily force their way in. But the secrets of the Killing Sword Mountain were far beyond Zen's imagination.

The sword light faded away as though it had sunken into an endless space, disappearing without a trace.

The large, blood-red face was split into two by his sword, but it quickly merged back into one and slowly approached the ground.

Just then, Zen discovered that apart from the top of his head, there were faces that made people's hair stand on end appearing in every direction, approaching Zen.

"Give me the spear," Lavender said.

With a flick of Zen's finger, the Saint Killing Spear shot out from his space ring, falling into Lavender's hand.


"Shadowy Spin!'

Lavender's spear strike was sharper than Zen's sword strike, but it didn't seem to be of much use. From the attack, only a large hole was bore through the blood-red face. It didn't suffer any significant damage.

"Use thunder," Lavender instructed firmly.

Then, a sliver arc as thick as a wrist shot out of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword.


Thunder and lightning were evil's natural enemies. The lightning shot out suddenly and struck one of the huge faces. The massive face then began to sway. It looked pained under the constant swaying in the air as it emitted a terrifying roar.

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