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   Chapter 1739 Dig Through

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Confusion was written all over Zen's face as he continued to walk. Why were they currently in this poorly lit place?

They should be headed for the Killing Sword Mountain, not in this cave. Alas, there they were.

He thought for a while. Maybe the Killing Sword Mountain was inside a cave?

They stopped in front of a huge door that was bluish-grey in color, its surface carved with various exquisite patterns. A thin layer of dust had accumulated on the patterns' grooves and creases, as if it had been deserted for a very long time.

Although Finch had never entered this giant door before, he was still very familiar with the surroundings outside.

With a casual wave of his hand, a strong gust of wind blew past, and swept away all the dust!

With the dirt out of the way, the patterns on the giant door were now fully visible. Zen saw what appeared to be a large spider carving, which seemed to have thousands of legs. Apparently, the patterns he saw before were the spider's textured legs.

He was honestly surprised to see the patterns.

Back when they had stepped foot inside the cave, a strange aura permeated the surroundings. Even the huge door emitted such a menacing aura as well.

However, warriors who practiced sword skills were usually honest and moral, since immoral doings would affect their own sword hearts.

Now, Supreme Lord Sword was probably the strongest swordsman in the universe, but why did he set up such a door?

Zen couldn't help but feel something strange, but he gradually began to speculate.

The supposedly mysterious Killing Sword Mountain was said to have many huge secrets. But if the present clues were any proof, Zen gained nothing from those secrets.

Thus, Zen thought that the secret might have something to do with the fact that Supreme Lord Sword became a True God as well as the thing that Shania had mastered.

"Zen, you can go in now." Finch pointed to the center of the gate, where the head of the spider sculpture was. "According to the manor leader's instructions, those who carry the Whispering Sword need to put their arm into the mouth of this spider sculpture to open the door."

Zen glanced at the vivid and almost realistic spider's head. A pair of compound eyes, which shone with a strange glow under the light of the Glint Pearl, seemed to be carved from the many precious stones. He felt that he was face to face with a real, thousand-legged spider and not a relief sculpture...

After Zen nodded, he floated over to the spider's head and extended his arm inside it, while he simultaneously activated the sword-shaped mark on his arm.


At that moment, it was like something had been triggered as the spider's mouth closed, and bit down on Zen's arm!

Yet Zen didn't dodge because he thought

Sword Mountain?

Since Supreme Lord Sword had asked him to come here and temper his own swordsmanship in order to correct his final flaw in the Emotion Closing Godly Way, there had to be something that he did not know about.

As Zen floated on top of the mountain, he thought for a while, before he looked at the Killing Sword Mountain with raised eyebrows.

"The malicious aura!"

When Zen hadn't found anything on the mountain, there was an intense, murderous aura within the cave. The malicious aura turned out to be from inside the Killing Sword Mountain!

Did that mean he had to go inside the Killing Sword Mountain?

As Zen thought more of it, he didn't hesitate anymore.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

Three rays of sword light intersected with each other, and formed a triangle on the mountain peak. He didn't use much power, and the sword light only reached about 10 feet below the mountain peak.

Once that was done, Zen stabbed his sword to the side and with a slight budge, he pried out a piece of broken mountain rock from the mountain peak.

The moment Zen pried it off, he felt a majestic, malicious aura burst forth from the gap he had made. He could almost see the red mist, which came along with a strange fragrance.

The fragrance smelled very sweet even if it smelled like blood, but not too repulsive.

Then, he discovered that the bottom half of the soft, clay-like soil was actually bright red in color. It looked like it was a mixture of blood and dirt.

"Just what is this Killing Sword Mountain?" Zen asked, truly perplexed. His face twisted into a more serious expression. He launched three sword strikes, and then the three rays of sword light travelled downwards even further. Soon enough, the hole he had dug up started to cave in, and it seemed like he had successfully bored through the Killing Sword Mountain.

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