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   Chapter 1738 The Gate

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These people were not interested in Zen's strength, but the potential that he had in this world of chaos.

After the battle in the Illusion Battlefield, all the major powers would train the ace talents and Godly Geniuses as their families' successors.

In truth, many of the major powers had already made preparations for the world of chaos before its advent.

The Sword Manor had selected three core talents for training. Among them, they had selected an ace talent. Unfortunately, the warrior had been eliminated at the second stage itself.

Any power would definitely be willing to accept an unaffiliated Godly Genius like Zen.

Now, he had suddenly made an appearance at the Sword Manor on his own with the old manor master's seal of Whispering Sword. Strictly speaking, this was a good thing for the Sword Manor!

But at this point, the master of the Sword Manor was Finch!

Currently, he was in charge of the Sword Manor; and while he was a righteous and benevolent person, people were selfish.

He had managed the Sword Manor for so many years, and had always been extremely cautious and very diligent, but now a Spirit Supreme Realm kid had run over and was about to take over the Sword Manor with the old manor master's imprint. It was a difficult decision for anyone to take in a short period of time.

The group of elders from the Sword House waited silently in anticipation for Finch's judgment.

An uncomfortable silence and a palpable tension hung in the air at the Sword Heart Pavilion.

Finch understood the concerns of these subordinates …

Suddenly, his expression changed and a completely relaxed look appeared on his face. After mulling over it for a moment, he said, "I took over the position of the manor master only to fill in the vacancy and act as an agent for the old manor master to keep the manor functioning normally. According to the old manor master's command, the person with the seal of Whispering Sword was to become the manor master. Now that that person has appeared, I should follow the old manor master's orders and hand over the reins to him. However..."

He paused for a moment before continuing solemnly, "Zen doesn't seem to know the significance of the Whispering Sword seal. He only came here to hone his sword skills. Will he agree to our request? Or rather, the old manor master's request?"

Obtaining Supreme Lord Sword's Whispering Sword seal meant getting responsibility of the enormous Sword Manor. This was an extremely prestigious matter. Any independent warrior would have been thrilled.

But Zen was no ordinary warrior. He was the champion of the Illusion Battlefield as well as an independent warrior. Many sects would most likely do everything in their power to recruit him.

The people from the Sword Manor didn't know much about Zen's experience. They assumed that he already belonged to some sect.

"Humph, the lad has received Supreme Lord Sword's seal, so he has to agree even if he doesn't want to!" said an elder sternly.


ndered for a moment, shaking his head. "I also entered the Killing Sword Mountain in the form of a soul, but I have never entered it in the form of a physical body before …"

Everyone present had entered the Killing Sword Mountain before, but they had not truly entered it. This was because there was only one way to open the door, and that was by using the Whispering Sword.

As they continued onward, the gorge became narrower and narrower. In the end, it was only wide enough for one person to pass through at a time. Everyone else followed suit and flew in a line.

After advancing a bit more, the canyon suddenly widened again. By now the thread of skylight had completely disappeared. Someone had taken out a Glint Pearl in order to provide some light. They had stepped into a huge cave!


Just then, a low growl was heard, followed by the sound of chains shaking in the darkness not too far away from the group.

Following the ray of light, two colossal creatures appeared in front of everyone! The two monsters lay prostrate on the ground. Their huge heads were covered with red spikes. They looked sinister and terrifying. At this moment, two monsters had already raised their heads. Their crimson eyes revealed hostility, as they glared at everyone like they were going to attack if anyone from the group took one more step forward.

Freya's face instantly turned pale, and she couldn't help but cower behind Zen.

"Don't be afraid," Zen said in a soft voice, assuming that since Finch had brought him here, these two vicious beasts shouldn't pose too much of a threat to them.

"These are the Baleful Celestial Hounds, the watchdogs of the Killing Sword Mountain," explained Finch. He then took out a red flute from his pocket and began playing it lightly.

The Baleful Celestial Hounds retreated when they heard the lively sound of the flute, and not far away, a huge door appeared. From the door came a strong malicious aura, as if a hellhound was sleeping at the door.

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