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   Chapter 1737 Whispering Sword

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As world lords, Finch and the two elders behind him knew the rules and restraints better than Zen.

A Supreme Lord had become a True God?

Such thing had never ever happened before.

This was why it was hard for them to believe that it was possible.

World lords could become True Gods. Though the chance was very small, there was a few possibilities.

However, after a Supreme Lord bore the Heavenly Destiny, this possibility would be eliminated because they would never cross the current round of heavens.

However, this time everyone in the universe had already seen how Shania crossed the restraints of the heavens easily.

The rules and restraints might be rigid, but people were flexible.

Sword Chen was a talent from the Sword Manor, and he might be able to break these rules.

Zen himself could not figure it out.

He knew that Sword Chen had become a True God only because he had seen Sword Chen have a position in the Corridor of Emperor.

Maybe the key was in the Emotion Closing Godly Way cultivated by Sword Chen.

"I wonder where you got the news from. Have you met Supreme Lord Sword before?" Finch asked.

Zen nodded and said, "That's right. The reason I came to the Sword Manor is because I have talked to him once. And I want to continue to cultivate my sword intent here."

Seeing the world lords still had some doubts, he raised his arm to prove the truth of his words.

A bright-blue light emitted from a sword-shaped mark on the upper part of his arm.

This sword-shaped mark was inscribed into Zen's arm by Supreme Lord Sword.

Finch did not speak. The two elders behind him suddenly cried, "Whispering Sword!"

"How on earth did you get that?"

Though these two elders had lived for many years, as world lords, they didn't have the demeanor that the world lords usually had.

When Zen stood up, Freya followed him. She found the world lords' shocked faces funny.

The world lords were the ones who controlled one supreme world each. How could they be so uncool?

It had not been too long since Freya ascended to the Upper World. Moreover, she spent most of her time in the fairy palace, so naturally she didn't know that these three people who had taken charge of the Sword Manor were not ordinary people, especially Finch, the head of the Sword Manor. Not only was he considered to be very strong among the world lords, but he could also be compared to the grand world lords of the great forces.

If he wasn't here, it would be hard for the Sword Manor to manage such a situation without Supreme Lord Sword. Freya was also wondering what the Whispering Sword was.

Zen was also puzzled. He looked at the three world lords, hoping that they would give him an answer.

He originally thought that the sword-shaped mark was just a token of Supreme Lord Sword. Seeing the reaction of t

obody knew what to say anymore.

The Whispering Sword was the most notable heritage of the Sword Manor.

According to the rule established by Supreme Lord Sword back then, if he died, the next master of the Sword Manor must acquire the Whispering Sword to open the gate of the Killing Sword Mountain. Only in this way could one officially inherit the Sword Manor and become the new master.

Finch didn't have the Whispering Sword. He was just the acting leader.

The Whispering Sword hadn't appeared for so many years. Nobody worried about it and had gradually forgot about it. No one questioned Finch as their leader.

After all Finch had made so many significant contributions to the development of the Sword Manor all these years.

Now someone had suddenly showed up with the Whispering Sword. Everyone felt a rush of emotions at this scene.

This was not the root of the problem.

The biggest factor to consider was that the one who possessed the Whispering Sword was Zen.

If an unknown warrior had taken the Whispering Sword to the Sword Manor and expressed a desire to inherit the Sword Manor, the elders of the Sword House would have immediately chucked the warrior out, or even killed him.

But this was no ordinary warrior; it was Zen. So this was a different and slightly complex situation.

The crisis of the world of chaos was approaching and no one could escape the imminent disaster.

Warriors who had participated in the final battles at the Illusion Battlefield would take up the responsibility to help everyone go safely through this crisis of the universe.

The crisis might come in ten years, or in a hundred years and for the warriors in the universe, there wasn't too much time to prepare for it.

If the top warrior of the Illusion Battlefield became their new master, it would benefit them a lot. It was this conflict that had everyone tongue-tied.

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