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Zen had only wanted to teach the practitioners of the Breeze Sword School a lesson that they would not forget. He hadn't planned on taking their lives.

Caiden's sincerity somehow managed to calm his anger, so he decided to let their rudeness pass.

'But what can I do with these two nine-star tokens?' he wondered to himself.

He knew that Caiden would lead him directly to the Sword Manor, so the sword tokens were no longer required for him to be allowed entrance.

After careful consideration, he placed the two sword tokens on the platform and addressed the warriors who had been curious at the commotion, "I'll leave the sword tokens to you. You may compete for them through fair sparring matches to see who deserve to take them."

Elated, the warriors cheered excitedly upon hearing his words.

There weren't many of them present at that time, so they all had a good chance of obtaining a nine-star sword token. For these independent warriors, several hundred life vitality jades were a great fortune. They could instead save the money up to obtain more resources for cultivation!

Zen was astonished at the warriors' fervent reaction at his words. Freya, on the contrary, just smiled softly and followed behind Zen quietly as he approached Caiden.

Caiden handed each of them a token that had a divine texture. It exempted the bearer from the no-flight ban surrounding the Sword Manor.

Ordinary people were restricted from flying at high altitudes in the area. The only people who dared to fly highly around the Sword Manor all had great backgrounds.

Predictably, the headquarters of the Sword Manor was the enormous sword that Zen and Freya had observed earlier.

This gargantuan sword was actually a huge building. Even for martial artists, this building was indeed a colossal feat of architecture. It must have taken thousands of years to fully complete this building.

After some time, Zen was finally shown to the top floor of the huge building.

The colossal sword seemed to be stabbed into the ground, so the so-called top floor was at the very end of the hilt. From the perspective of an observer from afar, it looked like an emerald jade pearl was inlaid into the hilt of the sword.

When he got closer, Zen realized that this jade pearl was much bigger than what it seemed to him. It was almost the size of a hill. Its smooth surface was polished to a shine, and its inside was hollowed out skillfully into a large room. It was, no doubt, a masterpiece.

Noticing Zen's look of total amazement, Caiden explained, "Actually, in the very beginning, the Sword Manor was located in the city. This sword-like building was erected after Supreme Lord Sword had already made himself known throughout the universe."

Zen nodded in acknowledgment. In this universe, the Supreme Lords had the highest level of

reme Lord Sword was an integral part of the Sword Manor.

"It's true that Supreme Lord Sword is still alive," Zen repeated. "As for his Crown of Destiny, it must have disappeared because he is no longer a Supreme Lord."

"What happened to him?" Finch asked incredulously.

"He has become a True God," Zen smiled as he proclaimed the words.


"This is even more impossible!"

"A Supreme Lord can never become a True God!"

To become a True God in the universe, one must fulfill the condition of being a Godly Genius first.

After the Supreme Lords carried the Heavenly Destiny, it was impossible for them to cultivate to become a True God, as the Heavenly Destiny already bound them to this universe. They could only cultivate to reach the limit in this universe set by the Heavenly Destiny, but they could never exceed that limit.

The world lords found this to be more unbelievable than the fact that Supreme Lord Sword was still alive.

Seeing their puzzled expressions, Zen shrugged his shoulders and recounted to them all that he had observed in the Hall of Causality.

"If you still can't believe me, I can prove the truth of my words with this," Zen raised his arm to show them something.

Soon, a sword-shaped mark materialized on his arm.

When Finch and the two old men laid their eyes on the sword-shaped mark on Zen's arm, their facial expressions changed at the same time.

Zen was dumbfounded. Their astonishment was so exaggerated, it was almost comical. After all, they were three dignified world lords.

Zen still hadn't realized the importance of the sword-shaped mark at that time.

He thought it was only a token of the Supreme Lord's message so that his safety was ensured when he entered the Killing Sword Mountain to hone his swordsmanship.

However, to the Sword Manor, this sword-shaped mark meant a great deal more than that!

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