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   Chapter 1735 Zen's Identity Was Revealed

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The cyan beam of light was so powerful. It felt as if it could split open space!

This wasn't anything out of the ordinary though, considering that the Breeze Sword School leader was at the Spirit Transformation Realm. His inner world was already mature and his powers were understandably daunting.


Zen huffed and raised his hand. The Thunder Wind Divine Sword released a slash of its own, countering the opposing cyan beam.


The moment the two sword radiance beams collided, the surrounding space split into huge fragments. These fragments were visibly torn with their edges looking as if they had been bitten off by a large, celestial dog.

For this attack, Zen only used around eighty percent of his strength but it was enough to annihilate that cyan beam. He hadn't even employed the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike yet.

The immediate vicinity was currently deserted since those who had been standing nearby immediately ran away to avoid getting in the middle of the crossfire. However, they maintained a close-enough distance to still watch what was happening.

The Breeze Sword School leader was famous for his hot temper but they didn't need to be afraid since he wasn't mad at them. All of them wanted to see what would happen to this young man that had the unfortunate fate of angering the master.

Zen's counter of the master's attack shocked many in the audience.

This young man was only at the early stage of the Spirit Supreme Realm but he was already able to counter the Breeze Sword School leader's powerful attack.

"How is this possible..."

"He's only at the Spirit Supreme Realm but he blocked the master's sword so easily.."

"Is he an ace talent from some great power?"

Zen had encountered quite a few ace talents back in the Illusion Battlefield.

However, the chances of encountering an ace talent here outside the Illusion Battlefield were actually very low. There were 100, 000 supreme worlds and no more than 1000 ace talents in the universe which meant the probability of encountering one was actually less than meeting a Saint Lord of a sacred place!

"He can't be! Why would an ace talent need a nine-star sword token to enter the Sword Manor? If he really was an ace talent then the Sword Manor leader himself would've personally come out to greet him. Moreover, he'd be backed by Supreme Lords!"

"Then who is this fellow..."

The Breeze Sword School leader was equally surprised at what just transpired.

A person at the Spirit Supreme Realm who could withstand and counter his strike must not be looked down upon. Zen must at least be an ace talent if he was able to do that.

The leader began to feel a bit strange especially since he noticed Zen's composure which meant he hadn't used his full strength!

However, this was still his territory and the effective counter of his strike just served to both humiliate and annoy him. He pushed aside all his earlier thoughts and prepared to give Zen another strike, this time using his full strength!

Just as he was about to raise his hand though, a powerful arm grabbed him!

"Keane, no." It was the senior steward of the Sword Manor! He was Caiden Han who was responsible for communications with other sword schools outside of the Sword Manor.

During the Illusion Battlefiel

thought to themselves.

However, they noticed something strange about this arrangement. 'Since you're Zen, what did you need this nine-star sword token for? You could go straight to the Sword Manor and nobody will stop you!'

The two continued to fume in their minds but did not dare show it in their faces. They hoped to the high heavens that Zen would let them go otherwise the Breeze Sword School leader would blame them and that would be their end.

One of the warriors was still unconscious and he was the one who dared to ask Zen to give Freya to him. If he knew the young man's true identity, there was no doubt that he would faint again instantly.

Zen's cold expression softened, however, his mocking tone told them of his still apparent annoyance with what just happened. "I have long heard of the Sword Manor as a sacred place for independent warriors. I did not know it would be a place that was so hard to enter. The warriors don't rely on their insight or passion in swordsmanship, instead, they rely on the life vitality crystals in their pockets. I wonder what Supreme Lord Sword would think if he knew about this. When he comes back and sees what the Sword Manor has become, I'm afraid he will be very disappointed."

His words echoed in the minds of the independent warriors present.

They had trekked all this way because of their obsession with swordsmanship and their hopes to further hone their sword techniques in order to obtain a more powerful sword intent. However, once they arrived, they quickly discovered that they must spend their life vitality jades in order to gain entry to the Sword Manor. They felt extremely disappointed.

Caiden Han's eyes lit up from Zen's words. Instead of focusing on the fact that he just shaded the Sword Manor, he was more concerned with the implication of what the young man said: Supreme Lord Sword still hadn't died.

As he thought about this, his expression grew even more sincere. "The mechanism of obtaining the nine-star sword token is indeed improper! I will report this to the senior leaders in order to make the necessary adjustments. Since you have come all this way, it may be best to come to the Sword Manor and have a chat!"

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