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   Chapter 1734 The School Leader

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Everyone on the platform looked down on Zen.

The auction of the nine-star sword tokens was already a matter approved by the Sword Manor. Even life vitality jades obtained from the auction would be handed over to the manor according to a certain percentage.

These were the set rules of the Sword Manor.

Any trouble Zen seemed to be stirring would be met with his quick extermination.

Many of the warriors guessed that he was probably an independent warrior without a backer. This made it easier for them since nobody would question the death of an insignificant independent warrior.

Freya was currently feeling extremely guilty. She had once again brought trouble to Zen, but she didn't really have a choice. Even if she didn't bring him to the market tonight, he wouldn't be able to get a nine-star sword token from the Breeze Sword School tomorrow either.

A shiver went down her spine when she noticed the strange gazes of the warriors. However, she didn't say anything. She merely stood to the side and waited for Zen to make his move.

"Will you give your servant girl to me?" the warrior on the platform asked. He knew Zen would not be willing to do as he asked, and he was really just making fun of him. He knew that the young man wouldn't dare make a move in here.

If Zen was someone capable and powerful, then why would he need a nine-star sword token to enter the Sword Manor? That place was very welcoming with geniuses who came from major powers. There would've been no need for tokens!

Anyone who had to compete for the nine-star sword token was most likely an independent warrior.


Zen sneered as he gave that warrior a piercing glare.

He didn't really want to cause any trouble either. All he really wanted to do was follow the path set by Supreme Lord Sword in order to advance his swordsmanship.

Unfortunately, that wasn't possible.

It seemed he would have to represent Supreme Lord Sword to teach these guys a lesson.

However, just as he was about to make his move, a thick, malicious aura burst forth from his body.

Fighting was strictly prohibited in the market, and not many people were willing to break the rules. This was why nobody really panicked when a slender figure shot out of Zen's body and zoomed towards the platform.

The warriors were initially relaxed. However, their moods took a turn when the arrival of this figure plunged their hearts down to their stomachs. The air around them felt stifling as if they had drawn the ire of someone they should never have messed with.

The slender figure that zoomed towards them was none other than Lavender.

Her reaction was somewhat strange.

Ever since Zen had returned from the Illusion Battlefield, he had noticed her being more quiet than usual. She was very hap

ight of one hundred feet since the air restriction barrier would be triggered.

However, these three were evidently not affected by the restriction. The one on the lead looked really angry. "Who dares to cause trouble here?"

"He is a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior," Zen murmured to himself.

Had it been before, Zen would've already hightailed it out of there. However, he now more or less had the strength to fight against a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior.

The thing was, there were three Spirit Transformation Realm warriors.

This market was originally under the jurisdiction of the Breeze Sword School four or five miles away. This distance was nothing to a warrior.

Nobody would dare cause trouble here under normal circumstances.

One of the people who rushed over was the leader of the Breeze Sword School while the other two were higher-ups of the Sword Manor.

Keane, the leader, was a short-tempered man and quickly turned black in anger when he saw three of his men unconscious. He quickly unsheathed his sword and slashed out a sharp cyan sword light towards Zen's direction.

There was no hesitation on his part. He aimed at Zen for the kill.

The people in the market all cried out and fled in different directions. Getting caught in the middle of this fight would only lead to their early death.

Keane's temper was notorious. Watching this fight would be interesting but putting their lives on the line wasn't really worth it.

Those further away couldn't help but sigh.

"That man is still so young. It's a pity he's going to lose his life like this."

"Meh! Does he really think he could stroll around here causing trouble left and right without paying a price? He is arrogant and he deserves to die!"

To the independent warriors present, causing a ruckus in the Sword Manor was equivalent to suicide.

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