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   Chapter 1733 An Auction

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This was the Breeze Sword School, one of the six sword schools under the Sword Manor. Warriors could obtain eight-star and nine-star tokens through here.

And according to Zen's estimate, the ideal scenario would be for him to acquire the nine-star token in a single day.

After all, it didn't take him long to travel through various sword schools in the process of obtaining one-star to seven-star tokens. But after midday, when Zen and Freya finally arrived at the entrance of the Breeze Sword School, it had already closed its doors.

"Seems like I have to stay for one more day," Zen said as he smiled helplessly.

Many martial artists spent years obtaining the one-star to nine-star sword tokens. Such was the path a swordsman had to take in order to grow.

At these different sword schools, warriors improved themselves. When one's understanding of swordsmanship reached a certain level, they would naturally earn the right to enter the Sword Manor.

For this reason, the Sword Manor attracted many of the independent warriors.

The Sword Manor imposed no restrictions to them. So long as one focused on the path of swordsmanship and reached that standard of understanding, the manor selflessly opened its doors to them.

Tens of thousands of people would kneel before some of the tenth-grade sacred places, as they weren't allowed to enter. Such a scene wouldn't happen to the Sword Manor's entrance.

But Zen wasn't one of those swordsmen. He managed to obtain the seven-star sword token in a mere day.

"We need to find a place to stay tonight. We'll return tomorrow," Zen said.

"Can we take a walk around the city?" Freya said timidly, her voice soft.

Upon hearing her small request, Zen smiled. "Why not?"

With that, Freya's face turned somewhat joyful. She was a naturally shy person, not used to expressing her feelings openly. But she was beyond happy at this moment.

Soon after, Freya heard of a market in the city and suggested they visit.

Ever since Zen had ascended, he never understood the human culture of the Upper World. This was probably the first time he even had the chance to wander around the market.

Although he asked Lavender if she wanted to join them, he earned no response.

At the market, the place was bustling with noise and excitement. Almost all the people there were independent warriors.

The warriors of the large forces and sacred places had the support of pills and cultivation methods. With these benefits, they could concentrate on cultivation with the price of helping the large forces or sacred places complete missions. But the independent warriors were different.

The independent warriors had no such benefits. They had to work hard on everything themselves. Some explored the secret places and collected items that they could use for trade on the market.

As he walked through the market, Zen didn't seem all too interested. But Freya's head was turning left and right, buying many small, interesting items. They usually cost several supreme life vitality crystals.

he warrior standing on the high platform originally wore a smile on his face, but after hearing what Zen said, his expression turned cold. "Kid, this is the Sword Manor. You'd better watch your mouth. If you don't have money, then scram. Be an eyesore somewhere else!"

The rude words were a sign that he didn't take Zen's cultivation at the Spirit Supreme Realm seriously at all.

Another warrior on the high platform let out an eerie laugh. "The price of a nine-star sword token is hardly expensive. It usually costs only two or three hundred life vitality jades. If you're so desperate for it and you don't have money, just give me that Soul Sea Realm servant girl. I'll give you enough life vitality jades for a nine-star token."

The martial artist's greedy eyes fell right on Freya.

There weren't many female warriors who had reached the Soul Sea Realm and there were even fewer women among the independent warriors. The warrior had clearly taken a fancy to Freya's looks. When he saw how she followed behind Zen, a devious idea came to mind.

Zen's gaze turned cold instantly and faint killing intent flashed across his eyes when he heard the warrior's venomous words.

The martial artists that were initially participating in the auction had immediately stayed away from Zen as much as they could. These independent warriors were smart enough to know that Zen was in deep trouble.

All the while, they wondered who this young man was.

For someone who was just at the Spirit Supreme Realm, he behaved so arrogantly. Anyone could guess that he would end up in a miserable state.

Most of the independent warriors thought the same as they looked at Zen.

These guys were all swordsmen. Some of them had even gone bankrupt crossing over supreme worlds just to get here. It was all to enter the Sword Manor and climb up a level in the swordsman's path.

But much to their dismay, they realized that they had to spend money to earn the qualifications needed to enter the Sword Manor. It was quite a disappointment.

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