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   Chapter 1732 The Sword Manor

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Although Zen had entered the Bright Sun World with his Teleportation Token, it would still take him a long time to pass through a supreme world.

If he wanted to go to the Sword Manor, he had to go through the supreme world channel.

Besides, he didn't know where exactly the Sword Manor was located, except that it was in the Bright Sun World. However, he soon realized that it wasn't that easy to enter the Sword Manor.

He was halfway down when he suddenly smacked his forehead, then took out the token of mountain.

Apparently, he had forgotten to release Freya.

As for Saul the puppet, he could stay in the fairy place and it wouldn't matter--he had even remained in the fairy palace for thousands of years.

Meanwhile, Livingston was too engrossed in weapon refining that no one could force him out now.

However, Freya had stayed in the fairy palace for several years. When she asked to come out during the time Zen had just used the Teleportation Token, he rejected her. After all, there had been many uncertain dangers at that time; thus, Freya always listened to Zen and never forced him.

Zen wasn't afraid in any way, as even the Supreme Lords wouldn't be able to calculate that he had arrived in this supreme world in just a short period of time.

After he had activated the token of mountain, he began to communicate with the fairy palace.

Freya eagerly waited at the door like she'd always have. If she felt that Zen was under pressure, she wouldn't go out--even if she was dying to. Still, she couldn't be blamed for getting bored after being trapped in the fairy palace for several years.

The moment Zen transmitted his voice, Freya suddenly appeared beside him. Since she didn't expect Zen to be floating in the air when she appeared, she began to fall with a disheartening cry.

Zen quickly pulled her hand and she was finally able to stabilize her body.

Her eyes drifted to the vast plains in the universe, and she stretched her back with a satisfied smile. She had felt very much oppressed these years, but she never complained.

She trailed Zen behind. Huge maple leaves, which exerted a faint force of the flying ban, began to appear when they were about a thousand feet from the city.

"Let's go in through the city gate," Zen said after he and Freya had both circled around the city for a while.

After some investigation, they found out that this city was located in the north of the Bright Sun World, and the Sword Manor was located in the southeast of the Bright Sun World.

Therefore, Zen paid a few supreme life vitality crystals and brought Freya into the space channel, and then to the supreme world channel.

The arduous journey took them nearly half a month to travel through the supreme world channel.

Yet Freya was excited throughout the entire trip, like a prisoner who had been seemingly lo

word Chen.

After a while, the sword school sent someone to fight Zen, but the man was only at the Life and Death Realm. How could he compare to Zen?

When he saw that Zen was at the Spirit Supreme Realm, he too knew his fate.

The winner was decided after just a single sword attack. Their fight was only a formality anyway, and Zen left with a two-star sword token.

Next, Zen entered another relatively large sword school with the two-star sword token he had just gotten. After another sword attack, he got out with a three-star sword token.

As Zen progressed, the schools he went to grew more imposing and larger in size. Naturally, his opponents also became increasingly formidable as well.

However, he only needed one sword attack when he faced warriors of the Life and Death Realm and the Soul Sea Realm.

A second move was unnecessary.

In just half a day, Zen's token had gone from a three-star one to a six-star one already!

Still, Zen's speed was nothing to be proud of because his cultivation level was high already. Besides, it was only the threshold to enter the Sword Manor. It would be a great insult to his dignity if he had encountered any difficulties there.

Freya just followed Zen all throughout, bought a map of the Sword Manor and asked for some information in between. She quickly adapted to the new environment, so she was already able to serve as Zen's guide by the time he had gotten the seven-star token.

"Only six big sword schools can give out eight-star and nine-star sword tokens. And the closest one is in that direction," Freya said. She thought for a moment before she reminded him, "These six big sword schools are equivalent to the ninth grade forces in the traditional sense. However, it should be very simple for you."

Zen nodded. He was quite thankful for her presence, as the detailed information she had acquired was of great help to him.

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