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   Chapter 1731 The Bright Sun World

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The only way to move long distances in the universe was through spatial transference.

One was required to have a deep understanding of the Space Law and reach the level of a world lord before carrying it out. The level of one's cultivation seemed to determine the distance they could reach.

Because of this, the Supreme Lords who had wanted to capture Zen gathered together in a mere day or two.

The world lords, however, had to wait a long time before they could catch up to them.

Freya raised her hands to her cheeks. She did not understand what was happening, but she did not give voice to her doubts, satisfied to watch Zen's every move silently.

Zen was unsure about using the Teleportation Token in the universe.

Under the infusion of his chaotic energy, the token emitted a faint white light.


With a light chirp, the space around Zen began to vibrate.


Zen's eyes lit up.

However, the space only continued to tremble, as if a monster was trying to tear it apart. At the same time, muffled sounds were heard, similar to firecrackers exploding underwater.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

Freya took a few steps to the side. She was getting more and more confused. 'Does he want to summon a beast?' she wondered, cocking her head.

Eventually, the muted sounds died down.

"Did I fail? It can't be..." Zen sighed, his brow creased slightly. If the Teleportation Token was rendered useless, it would not have caused such a commotion.

However, he also did not sense any fluctuations from the Space Law.

At this moment, a figure flew over to him. It was Saul.

A strange expression appeared on Saul's face, his eyes seeming to pierce through Zen. "Zen, did you plan on carrying out the spatial transference here?"

"How did you know?" Zen asked.

Saul laughed and said, "Here, spatial transference is impossible!"

This time it was Zen's turn to stare. "Why?"

Saul pointed toward the sky. The enchanted barrier enveloped the entire fairy palace.

In reality, the fairy palace was not known to exist in the universe. It was located in a world where all things seemed giant in size. Zen had only utilized the token of mountain to create a node and an illusion.

Only then did Saul tell Zen that even a True God would be unable to carry out spatial transference in the fairy palace, whereas Zen was only a warrior at the Spirit Supreme Realm. He could just walk around.

"Are you serious?" Zen was stunned.

He had first felt the strangeness of the forest when encountering the white tiger, but he did not expect this place to be so different.

"Where is this place?" Zen asked again.

Saul only smiled mysteriously, saying that Zen would find out eventually, when the time came.

Zen did not press him again. Saul had only told him a limited number of things. He would

a long-distance teleportation. If a Supreme Lord did not pay enough attention, he might go to a wrong destination all together.

In order to reach their destination, one had to teleport dozens of times, or even a hundred times. Devices such as the Teleportation Token, that made it rather easy to teleport, had never before appeared in the universe.

Following a violent flash of light, Zen materialized at his destination out of thin air.

The moment he came into view, he started dropping from the skies. Hastily, he circulated his chaotic energy to float in the air.

At the moment, he found himself at the height of a hundred thousand feet. Before him were vast plains.

"It is the Bright Sun World, an independent supreme world," he murmured to himself, his gaze sweeping the area.

Not all supreme worlds in the universe belonged to the great powers.

The Bright Sun World was a supreme world that belonged to independent warriors. It could be said that it was a place a number of independent warriors yearned to be at because of the renowned Sword Manor that was located here.

Independent warriors were not restricted. All races were allowed to co-exist in this particular supreme world.

Strictly speaking, the Sword Manor was also one of the great powers. However, it did not impose too great of a restriction on the independent warriors that chose to join it. For those who desired freedom, it was, in fact, an excellent choice of destination.

Zen had some priorities and many other questions to settle, but most important to him right now was to become a Godly Genius. For this purpose, the trip to Sword Manor was imperative to him.

Flying high in the sky for some time, he took note of the various black dots on the plains. These could be villages and cities, but they appeared to be as small as ants.

Zen immediately leaned to one side and shuttled downward.

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