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   Chapter 1730 The Birth Of A New World

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There was a knowing look in Zen's eyes. The big Heavenly Tribulation this time was also a test for his skills.

First came the Grand Meteorite Tribulation, then the Raging Fire Tribulation, then the Inner Demon Tribulation...

After a series of tribulations, the Thunder Tribulation finally dawned on him.

Zen was no stranger to the Thunder Tribulation, as the Thunderbolt Annihilation he practiced could trigger it directly.

However, there was something special about this Thunder Tribulation. It had a green bolt of lightning.

The Thunder Tribulation struck his abdomen and fell into his internal world. Therefore, Zen couldn't avoid or touch it.

The moment the Thunder Tribulation made contact with his elixir field, a searing pain wracked his whole body.

Then, the World Tree absorbed most of the Thunder Tribulation.

Therefore, the World Tree began to grow under the Thunder Tribulation's baptism as the waters of the chaotic sea rolled violently at the same time, and formed a stormy sea in Zen's body.

At that moment, his soul also underwent a strange change.

It felt like he had fallen into the deepest pits of chaos.

Everything around him was grey and hazy. His body rolled listlessly as he fell even further into the chaos.

After an unknown period of time, the rolling finally slowed down. Zen suddenly felt like he was pushed on a patch of land. He opened his eyes, and was greeted by the shocking sight of the huge World Tree.

What was more, there appeared to be an island beneath it.

Zen's eyes lit up in a flash.

At the same time, the entire chaotic sea began to solidify.

What used to be a seemingly endless ocean of chaotic energy in his internal world was now changed by the sudden appearance of this island.

The island wasn't that big. Zen looked like he knew something, but couldn't quite place it.

He had seen this type of place before; that was for sure.

Back when he had entered Brianna's inner world, he had seen an island too.

However, the island in her body was much larger than Zen's. Hers had many forests and dwarf shrubs growing on it. There was even a relatively primitive tribe.

"I have already reached the Spirit Supreme Realm!" Zen exclaimed.

Although he was still in a dazed state, the scene before him made him realize that he had already broken through the Soul Sea Realm and reached the Spirit Supreme Realm, which was why he had encountered that green Thunder Tribulation.

That same Thunder Tribulation which was filled with life energy gave life to the entire chaotic sea.

so concerned about this situation and asked her about it two or three times, but Lavender always changed the subject. She was even cold towards him. Zen was really clueless.

"These three places are very far away from each other. It would take at least ten years to travel back and forth between two places, even with the speed of the fairy palace," Lavender said. She thought for a moment before another vague sentence spilled from her lips. "From now on, you need to make decisions by yourself!"


Lavender suddenly dissipated in front of him, transforming into the sword spirit that entered his body.

"Huh?" That made Zen even more confused.

Not far away stood Freya, who watched the whole scene with a smile on her face.

Lavender was cold and seldom talked to Freya. But Freya had stayed in this fairy palace for many years. A bystander is always clear-minded. She knew exactly what Lavender was thinking.

Still, Lavender had always been by Zen's side. That made it hard for Freya to personally tell him about Lavender's situation.

After a while, Zen came to a decision. And this time, he didn't forget that he had brought something else with him from the Illusion Battlefield.

With a flip of his hand, a small token appeared on his palm.

"What is this?" Freya asked curiously. Zen's lips curved into a small smile in response.

"This is a Teleportation Token."

The Teleportation Token had allowed Zen to move back and forth within a supreme world in the Illusion Battlefield. That was why he had made a copy of the Teleportation Token and took it out of the battlefield.

He wasn't sure if it would work in the universe, though. But there was no harm in trying, right?

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