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   Chapter 1729 Surprise

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The Illusion Battlefield competition was finally over...

The pictures that had appeared in the universe began to close and disappear gradually.

When Zen opened his eyes again, he was in a trance. He felt as if he didn't belong to this world.

The competition in the Illusion Battlefield had lasted less than three months, but during this period of time, many battles had occurred. Each battle was like a round of tempering, and it gave warriors new insights into strategies and skills.

At this very moment, the entire universe was changing.

The first of the many changes was the Universe Spirit Tablet.

When some talents passed through the Hall of Causality, they chose to duplicate the supreme divine weapon in their hands. As a result, the rankings on the Spirit Tablet changed drastically.

Originally, there were only three thousand supreme divine weapons, but now suddenly over a thousand more weapons were appearing. Clearly, all of these supreme divine weapons had been duplicated through the Hall of Causality...

When the ray of light disappeared from Zen's body, three-colored dots of light suddenly appeared around him. These dots of light were like countless elves as they flew into Zen's body.

After Zen had absorbed these specks of light, his original aura intensified to a great degree. This was the reward from the second stage of the Illusion Battlefield.

"He's back!"

A slim figure ambled out from the inner courtyard. The person who was wearing a smile on her face was no other than Freya!

After the end of the first stage, she had left the Illusion Battlefield and waited for a long time.

Zen acknowledged her presence with a warm smile.

He then turned his head in another direction and asked, "Why do you like to always hide?"

At the sound of his voice, Lavender's slender frame floated into view from the other side. She was Zen's sword spirit, so naturally he could sense where she was.

Lavender seemed to be different now from what she was a few months ago.

Right now she looked morose and dejected, which was an alien expression on her face. She had been an extremely powerful woman, but now she was depressed. Even so, this miserable expression also made her seem enchanting. Some people might even be attracted to her at the first sight.

"What's your ranking?" Lavender asked bluntly.

Freya was also concerned about this, so she looked towards Zen with curiosity.

Since Zen had just returned, he must have entered the second stage. Freya could not see the picture of the Illusion Battlefield but she only knew that there were two stages there. Besides she had no idea that there was a bigger competition on the Heaven Earth Board.

"Guess!" Zen asked mirthfully.

Freya blinked her eyes. "You must have scored a rank in the top ten thousand!"

Freya had entered the Illusion Battlefield and also witnessed all the powerful warriors in the universe. Just like those outstanding warrior

short while, Zen brought up Lavender. He couldn't figure out what had happened during his long absence from the fairy palace.

Although the cyan dragon was concealed within Zen's body, he could not communicate with Zen after he entered the Illusion Battlefield. During this period of time, he could only rest within Zen's mind. However, the cyan dragon could naturally observe everything outside of Zen's body.

Hearing Zen's question, the cyan dragon chuckled but didn't answer. This further aggravated Zen's puzzlement.

During this trip to the Illusion Battlefield, countless warriors of the Soul Sea Realm had accumulated their cultivation base after going through so many life and death experiences and used it to break through their bottlenecks!

Countless Soul Sea Realm warriors had chosen to cultivate in seclusion at this moment. Zen was no exception!

In just a few days, a lot of big Heavenly Tribulations had appeared in countless supreme worlds.

About thirty percent of the warriors of the Soul Sea Realm had reached the Spirit Supreme Realm. This kind of occurrence could not have happened in the past...

Zen spent a total of thirteen days being engrossed in closed-door cultivation.

Several world lords from the Demon Night and the ogre race maintained their distance, guarding the fairy palace.

Thirteen days later, a giant tribulation cloud formed above them quietly!

A world lord stared at the tribulation cloud, his eyes revealing a look of shock. "This is the Grand Meteorite Tribulation..." he gasped.

"It seems that Zen has broken through!"

"It might be..."

"It's time for us to leave as well..."

Since Zen had already achieved first place in the Illusion Battlefield, he was destined to be the number one character in the world of chaos. His fate was linked to the rise and fall of the universe.

Every race would hold out an olive branch to him. Thus it was meaningless for these world lords to guard fairy palace.

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