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   Chapter 1728 A Godly Plate

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The patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan placed this Heavenly Fragment in Nathan's body for his own, personal purpose.

If Nathan used it now, then he would ruin everything!

The young man slowly came to. His anger gradually dissipated as he slowly calmed himself down.

Losing this battle wasn't the end of his life. As the saying went, "Lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans."

His future remained bright.

Nathan held the Heavenly Fragment in his hand. By the time he stretched it out, the fragment had already disappeared.

"I admit defeat,"

he said through clenched teeth.

This was the very first time these words had ever been uttered by Nathan's lips.

He was someone who never admitted defeat. In fact, you could say that he was born as a winner.

Nathan was born with the destiny of being this grand era's main character. If everything went according to the fate, then he would've been the one who won first place in the Illusion Battlefield.

However, Zen had become the biggest variable in changing his fate.

Zen smiled, obviously pleased with his victory. In a flash, he flew in the air and threw the broken sword towards Lone. A white light flashed and his body disappeared from the stone.

Nine people remained in the picture scroll.

These nine would still have to fight to decide their rankings.

Rocher and Nathan still had to fight for second place. Shania and Kurt were also set to battle, along with Lucille and Lawson.

However, their battles had nothing to do with Zen, who was now the ultimate victor of the Illusion Battlefield.

"Hey!" Margaret shouted in fury the moment Zen vanished. Why did he disappear so quickly?

Zen had no time to face her anger. Right now, he traversed through a patch of white clouds so thick, it almost blocked his sight completely.

Ever since entering the Illusion Battlefield, he had always wondered what kind of place it exactly was.

It covered fifty supreme worlds created by the heavens. Could it be a battlefield within the heavens? Or was it just an illusion?

A huge shadow streaked across the clouds, then the second, and then the third...

"What's that?" Zen murmured.

The shadow streaks appeared here and there before finally appearing in Zen's line of sight.

The shadows turned out to be many massive mountains identical in size, shape, and appearance.

On top of each mountain were many round, stone pillars very similar to the Hall of Causality Zen had seen before.

"You can take one of the Godly Plates first," the mysterious girl said in Zen's ear.

This girl's voice was usually very cold, as if she was a mere disembo

quite lucky especially when he had devoured those Luck-devouring Snakes. However, the peak of his luck only lasted for a short period of time. He hadn't seized the opportunity at that time. Practicing the Stellar Body when his luck reached its limit would be an easier task.

His current luck wasn't as good as when he consumed those Luck-devouring Snakes.

Changing one's luck was no easy task. It must be an ability that only the heavens possessed, right?

This Irene Jiang seemed to be the one in charge of the heavens. Unfortunately, Zen didn't really know who she was or what role she played exactly. She wasn't someone who could casually interfere with how the heavens did things.

With his questions done, Zen waited on top of the mountain for the arrival of the next warrior.

It was quite a while before another person emerged from the white mist.

The man was tall and had a heroic expression on his face. It was none other than Rocher!

The first to win would be the first to enter the clouds and take a Godly Plate. Since Rocher was the second, then that could only mean that he managed to defeat Nathan.

Sure enough, Nathan came walking after Rocher. His expression was extremely foul since he only got third place.

Shania ranked fourth while Kurt ranked fifth.

As for Margaret, she managed to get tenth place.

If the ranking had been based purely on strength, she would've ranked higher.

However, after entering the top ten, she decided to just concede all the way, hence her low ranking.

She gazed up at the mountains and wanted to fly towards Zen. However, she couldn't get close. All Margaret could do was give up and cry in bitter regret. 'I should've told him to meet in the Purple Power World, ' she thought to herself.

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