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   Chapter 1727 Another Heavenly Fragment

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If Zen had only relied on the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, Nathan probably wouldn't have been at a disadvantage. But Zen cultivated the Ji Clan's secret technique.

Nathan got a stifling feeling in his heart.

First of all, he didn't specialize in strength. And in terms of speed, he wasn't that much faster than Zen. His strong point was the power in his spear arts—now, this strength was completely restricted by his opponent.

After Zen broke through the first purple spear shadow, his figure turned and headed straight for the second purple spear shadow, then the third…

After successfully shattering the three spear shadows, he lingered for a moment before dashing at Nathan again. In his hand, he grasped the sword that glowed with golden light, while his other hand held onto the crystal shield formed by the cyan light.

Since the magnetic power easily broke through Nathan's spear strike, Zen no longer needed to escape. It was Nathan who had to find a way out of it.


As Zen charged at him, Nathan ruthlessly thrust his spear. Purple spear light bloomed like flowers as the strong Law Power flowed unceasingly. Such was the power of truth, the foundation of all laws. But at this point, Nathan didn't have the ability to construct the laws himself.

Still, destroying the laws was much easier than constructing them—Nathan had a chance.

But this spear strike that was supposed to be able to break through all laws now seemed hollow and powerless in front of Nathan's opponent.

Zen blocked it easily. "It's my turn now."

Behind the crystal shield, Zen wore a faint smile on his face. The broken sword was like a bolt of lightning as it shot toward Nathan.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

From the top to the bottom of the mountain, Zen unleashed four sword strikes in a row.

Though Nathan managed to figure out the flaws of the two sword strikes, the third sword pierced Nathan's chest, leaving a foot-long wound. It was deep enough to expose his bone.

And the fourth slash pierced right through his chest.

Scarlet blood splattered the Heaven Earth Board in a line. Covered in wounds, Nathan finally staggered away from Zen as he s

und, conflicted.

He wasn't willing to lose to Zen like this.

The world of chaos would indeed bring a great disaster, but it would also bring an unimaginable fortune.

And only he could be the center of this good fortune, no one else.

His confidence was built on this sort of mindset. He believed that he was the number one warrior in the entire universe.

But when he faced Zen, a warrior he couldn't defeat, his confidence wavered wildly.

To protect his very state of mind, he had to use the Heavenly Fragment. It was his sole chance of winning.

But Supreme Lord of Original Sin's roar came as a shock, snapping him back into reality.

Pulling out the Heavenly Fragment there was already considered taboo. Was he still willing to use it?

Determination grew in his eyes. So long as he used the fragment, Zen didn't stand a chance.

Supreme Lord of Original Sin, the patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan, had poured so much effort into merging the fragment with Nathan because the Heavenly Fragment involved the Xuanyuan Clan's future plans.

If the Heavenly Fragment was used there, the clan's future plans would be exposed to the universe. It was simply too great of a risk for the clan.

"Nathan! Don't! Don't use it!"

The next moment, the patriarch's voice resounded once again, somehow both dignified and pleading.

Nathan looked pained and conflicted. The tangled emotions in his heart were almost clearly visible.

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