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   Chapter 1726 The Bane Of Nathan's Life

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Nathan was not the one who was most surprised at the moment.

It was Lucille and the entire Ji Clan who were staring in shock.

Lucille had transmitted the Ji Clan's secret technique of extracting magnetic power to Zen in exchange for Zen's Blood Refinement Technique to refine the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

Lucille thought this was a great deal.

She had given the jade slip that recorded the secret technique to Zen fairly recently. But Zen had already mastered it!

His speed was astonishing.

The members of the Ji Clan were shocked to see Zen had refined the Magnetic Sacred Mountain. It seemed like their surprises weren't yet over.

The Ji Clan also had a Magnetic Sacred Mountain. They had never heard of anyone throughout the universe who could refine the mountain.

The patriarch of the Ji Clan stared at Zen's Magnetic Sacred Mountain and then looked at the cyan light in his hand before he said flatly, "Lucille taught Zen the secret technique that I created."

"What?" The expression on the clan leader's face shifted.

It would be a felony if the secret technique of the Ji Clan spread out. Why was Lucille so stupid? He wanted to plead for Lucille right away. Lucille might be the most outstanding ace talent of the Ji Clan. But if she had really taught Zen the secret technique, even the patriarch would not forgive her.

The patriarch shook his head and continued, "Lucille is intelligent. If she was willing to give Zen the secret technique, she must have a reason for doing so."

As he spoke, he continued to stare at the Magnetic Sacred Mountain beneath Zen's feet, as if absorbed in thought.

Thoughts swirled inside the Ji Clan leader's head. At the patriarch's words, he naturally understood what was going on.

It was impossible for Lucille to spread the secret technique at will.

Moreover, Magnetic Sacred Mountains were extremely rare. There were only ten of them or so in the entire universe. It was close to impossible for an ordinary person to practice this technique without a Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

And here, Zen had refined a Magnetic Sacred Mountain, and Lucille had taught him the secret technique.

The most obvious possibility was that Lucille and Zen had finished an exchange.

The laws in the Magnetic Sacred Mountain were a mess, and it was impervious to everything. What kind of technique was needed to refine it? If Lucille had really gotten the technique in exchange, it would have profited the Ji Clan.

"Zen is indeed a genius. He was able to extract the magnetic power in such a short pe

Zen from three different directions.

Any spear could hit Zen and destroy him.

If Nathan had one chance, he would be able to grab a complete victory. This was the technique of the Truth Godly Way.

Nathan and his three spear shadows quickly grew larger in Zen's eyes. His body didn't pause even for a moment.

He knew how powerful these spear shadows were.

He climbed upwards along the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, the three purple spears following close behind.

The two of them followed each other as they continued to circle the mountain. It was beginning to become too much for the others to take it all in.

"In the end, who has the advantage?"

"I can't say for sure. Zen seems to be afraid of Nathan's spear skills, but his mountain seems invincible."

"I can't see their figures clearly anymore."

While Nathan was chasing after Zen, the first purple spear shadow took the shortest way to block Zen.

As the spear came to block Zen, the cyan magnetic power in Zen's hand suddenly changed, transforming into a crystal shield the size of a palm, protecting Zen. With this shield before him, Zen charged ahead, regardless of the spear.

Nathan smirked as he watched Zen court death and not dodge the spear.

The thought had just sprouted in his mind when he saw Zen shatter the purple spear shadow. He was shocked. How was this possible?

This caused Nathan to hesitate, his usually rock-like confidence wavering. Zen had used his own body to withstand his Law Spear Strike! He began to realize that he was playing a losing game.

And when Zen turned around, he saw a small cyan crystal shield in Zen's hand. He couldn't help but curse, 'This guy is really the bane of my life!'

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