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   Chapter 1725 Walking Either Straight Or Sideways

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Nathan instantly cleared all the thunderbolts above his head.

This feat left the other martial artists dumbstruck.

It was common knowledge that these kinds of thunderbolts could be obstructed either by a physical attack, or they could be channeled into the earth.

However, Nathan had used his spear to smash them. This powerful visual was hard to describe and had surpassed the expectations of the many martial artists gathered round the Illusion Spaces.

However, what they did not know was that Nathan's Law Spear Strike was also capable of dousing even a ball of fire upon contact.

He had just blocked Zen's Thunderbolt Annihilations when a gold and grey sword ray zoomed towards him.


There was a trace of disdain on his face.

Other martial artists might find it difficult to resist Zen's sword but it didn't pose much of a threat to Nathan.

This was because there was a flaw in Zen's attack.

Rocher had a deep understanding of sword skills, so he was able to catch the flaw in the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike and destroy Zen's sword radiance.

And Nathan could see the flaw even more clearly with his Comprehension of Truth.

There was an obvious defect in the golden and grey sword ray. After Nathan took a step forward, he suddenly hurled the long spear in his hand, and a purple light hit the small flaw.


The two-colored sword ray instantly disintegrated, transforming into sword intent cyclones, which burst out in all directions like a shower of magnificent fireworks.

After the sword ray dispersed, Nathan's expression turned cold and a wicked smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. He faced Zen once again. "You think you can defeat me just with this little trick?"

Zen smiled and shook his head.

Wasn't it a bit too stupid to think that he would be able to defeat Nathan by relying on the Thunderbolt Annihilation and the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike?

Zen was only using these methods to observe and gauge his opponent.

Ever since Nathan had stepped into the board, a puzzling thought had been lingering in Zen's mind and he was not able to solve it.

But he had noticed something.

Nathan's actions looked very casual and unplanned, but it seemed like he was following some sort of rule.

Upon closer inspection, Zen discovered that his rule was about maintaining a certain distance.

Nathan always moved a distance of three feet. No matter where he moved, the final position at which he stopped was the integral multiple of three feet from his original spot.

If he took a step forward, he would be at a distance of three feet. It would never be two feet and nine inches, or three feet and one inch.

Although Zen was unable to achieve what Nathan had, he could see his game plan very well.

Nathan was following this law strictly.

However, although Zen had cracked this code, it did not mean that he could resist Nathan's spear.

Nathan w


He was determined to not to lose to Nathan.

Now, he seemed somewhat panicked. However, a glint flashed across his eyes as he thought of something. With a pat, the mini Magnetic Sacred Mountain appeared in his hand. The mountain began to expand the moment it appeared, turning into a thousand-feet-tall edifice that blocked Zen.

"I wonder if it will work!"

Nathan sneered and the spear light started drilling into the top of the mountain.

He hadn't seen the Magnetic Sacred Mountain in Zen's hand before, and now that he was pretty sure he would win, he did not pay too much attention to the mountain. It was ridiculous to use a mountain to try to stop his Law Spear Strike.

He was confident that the mountain would collapse in the next moment.


The purple spear light instantly got absorbed into the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

But the thing that Nathan had expected did not happen. The purple spear light had only left a small white mark on the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, and even that mark vanished soon.

He was stunned momentarily before activating his Comprehension of Truth. When he looked at the mountain again, he was more befuddled. How come such a large mountain did not have any flaws?

"I see! This is the Magnetic Sacred Mountain!" Nathan only recognized the mountain now.

He had once seen such a mountain in the hand of a member of the Ji Clan.

The five elements in the mountain were complex, as the five different Original Laws were uniformly mixed together. As the five elements were interwoven, they would be able to make up for each other's flaws.

Nathan's current level of Comprehension of Truth did not enable him to see through the flaw.

While he was pondering, Zen had already quietly moved to the top of the mountain peak, overlooking him. There seemed to be an extremely sharp cyan light in Zen's hand.

It was the magnetic power that Zen had extracted from the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

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