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   Chapter 1724 Law Spear Strike

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The heavenly thunder of this Thunderbolt Annihilation was doled out as punishment after the heavens had been triggered.

The power of the thunder that a normal Thunder Law could produce could not hold a candle to the might of it.

The snake-like bolts of lightning writhed and intertwined with each other, and in the end, they turned into silver dragons that pounced down!

Lawson and Lucille happened to be hovering in the sky above the thunder. Although they enjoyed the protection of the heavens law and wouldn't be harmed, they still swiftly maneuvered the stones under their feet to a hasty departure at the sight of the terrible scene.


Countless bolts of lightning instantly fell down, turning where Nathan stayed into a prison of thunder and electrifying static!

These beams of lightning created a dazzling spectacle, and when the other warriors fixed their eyes on them, they could only discern a brilliantly white space and could not clearly observe the scene...


The vast majority of spectators hadn't expected this turn of events.

Zen had looked completely helpless only moments before, but now the fact that he'd successfully attracted such a large amount of formidable Thunder Tribulations had far exceeded their expectations.

"The power of the Thunder Tribulations is extremely strong. Underneath the punishment of these tribulations, Nathan would surely be seriously injured even though he might not die."

"Mm. These Thunder Tribulations probably won't be able to kill Nathan, given his strength. But he'll most likely verge on the cusp of death..."

All the warriors discussed among themselves...

The eleven Thunderbolt Annihilations arranged by Zen were not intended to be used only once, and he only needed to activate three Thunderbolt Annihilations at a time. The eleven Thunderbolt Annihilations would all together last for more than two minutes. No matter whether they were able to defeat Nathan or not, it would be enough to keep Nathan occupied as he fought back for a while...

This alone might not prove enough.

After he moved to one side, Zen's gaze suddenly turned cold, and the sword in his hand once again condensed a sword intent!

"Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike!"

With a flash of golden light, a sharp sword beam shot straight towards the ring with a murderous intent!

Although the flashes of lightning were powerful and it was almost impossible for anyone to look at it directly, Zen could still clearly see Nathan's figure.

Right now, not only did Nathan have to face the Thunder Tribulations from the sky, but he also had to deal with the incoming Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike. He was in great danger at this moment...

In the ring, Nathan was fighting for his life, and he had already reached a furious state.

As long as Zen wasn't able to break through his spear skill in this battle, then he would already have been in an invincible position...

However, he had fallen into the trap of the Thunder Tribulations due to his own carelessness!

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

These Thunder Tribulations were dense, leaving Nathan no room to dodge.

However, at this moment, Nathan had begun using a most unique movement technique!

He seemed to be stepping on some sort of law, constantly moving within this ring

an a hundred flaws.

While there should be dozens of flaws appearing on the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors.

Usually, Nathan could only see around ten flaws in a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior.

He could only occasionally perceive one flaw in a world lord; although sometimes there were even none.

The Supreme Lord had already surpassed the scope of Nathan's Comprehension of Truth, so it was impossible for him to assess their likes.

However, there were only four lines on Zen's body, and Nathan could not figure out where his vital point lay!

Zen was just a Soul Sea Realm warrior, so how could he only have a few flaws within his physical body? The number of his flaws was even smaller than that of a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior's flaws.

Nathan was bowled over in confusion by this.

However, it really didn't matter. Zen still had a few flaws, instead of having no flaws.

As long as there were flaws, Nathan's Law Spear Strike would be able to display its terrifying destructive power.

The spear light that he had shot out had once struck Zen's earlobe. A thin line had then appeared on his earlobe and extended all the way to the top of his head before spreading downwards.

The purple spear light was not even that powerful, but it had still almost broken Zen into two from the middle!

From this, it could be believed that it wasn't too difficult for Nathan to kill Zen.

At this moment, Nathan was striding forward with his long spear pointing up into the sky. He no longer chose to evade the thunder strikes, and instead aimed up at the sky with a fierce thrust!

"Break them for me!"

Swish, swish, swish!

All of a sudden, multiple Law Spear Strikes were launched, one after another.

The rays of purple spear light were like thin lines, precisely piercing through the violent thunderbolts descending at him.

Even though these lightning bolts were of the heavenly thunder, they still had their flaws.

When those flaws were struck by the purple spear light, the lightning bolts became like snakes that had been struck, breaking apart, collapsing, and dissipating!

Unexpectedly, none of the thunderbolts that filled the sky landed on Nathan any further!

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